Harry Styles’ New Image: Shaking Off A One Direction Image With Gucci Like A Taylor Swift Goodbye [Opinion]

Harry Styles had a certain image as a One Direction singer, and though he has been one of the most popular men on earth for the last seven years, Styles wasn’t perceived as a real rock star. Harry was a preteen pop icon who dated Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner.

Gucci is a big part of Harry Styles’ strategy to create an image apart from One Direction. Lately, Harry has been exclusively wearing Gucci suits according to Fashionista. The suits are amazing and Styles definitely looks great in Gucci.

Taylor Swift said goodbye to Harry Styles long ago, though she’s reportedly still singing about One Direction’s Harry Styles. It’s probably been much longer since Styles kissed Taylor Swift than Harry’s been exclusively wearing Gucci suits.

While Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were just not meant to be, the jury is still out on Kendall Jenner, as there’s been no news lately on the Kendall and Harry romance. Romance has not been part of the new image of the Gucci-wearing rock star, who seems married to his work for the moment.

Harry Styles is styling himself as a rock musician, but he’s obviously not patterning himself as grunge or metal in those Gucci suits. For rock, his debut album is still a bit more pop than expected. However, it does sound like very early classic rock, updated with aspects of 2017 pop.

Harry Styles performed in Paris on October 25, kicking off the European leg of his tour. Harry tweeted both before and after the milestone event.

Harry Styles is as far from Ozzy Osbourne, though, as he is from his old flame Taylor Swift. Still, painfully polite, the Gucci clad rock star is a very nice boy.

Harry Styles has zero chance of developing a bad boy image any time soon, even though being a bad boy is more or less traditional for rock stars.

Since the One Direction Hiatus, Harry Styles has tried to build a rock star image, but Harry is still just a little bit pop. Harry’s image is pretty unique actually. He’s pulling more from the older classic rock like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones than grittier bands like Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Megadeth in his music and image.

Onstage at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, @harrystyles wore a #Gucci custom floral printed suit and silk shirt by #AlessandroMichele.

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@harrystyles in a #Gucci by #AlessandroMichele custom floral printed velvet suit and silk shirt while performing at The Masonic in San Francisco.

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Performing onstage at Radio City Music Hall in New York, @harrystyles wore a #Gucci custom metallic floral silk jacquard Monaco suit, silk shirt with self-tie and Horsebit loafers. #AlessandroMichele

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Perhaps the Beatles would have worn Gucci. Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones would probably simply love Harry’s new Gucci look, but so far rock stars wearing Gucci are pretty rare.

While Harry Styles says he’s likely to reunite with One Direction at some point in the future, right now he’s apparently looking for career longevity and credibility as a musician. With a taste for custom Gucci originals, Harry needs to keep that career going strong.

Harry Styles singing in a Gucci suit
Harry Styles singing in a Gucci suit by John Salangsang Invision AP

Harry Styles has a three-album contract, so expect at least two more albums and two more tours from the new Gucci-clad rock icon before he reunites with One Direction.

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