‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ Returns November 7: Will The Lagina Bros Find Treasure? No, No They Won’t [Opinion]

The Curse of Oak Island returns November 7 for its fifth and final season, and fans are wondering whether the Lagina brothers will finally found the mysterious Oak Island Treasure.

Ordinarily, an article like this would warn that you, the reader, are about to read spoilers galore. But in this case, the Inquisitr will spare you that platitude. That’s because it’s painfully obvious that the Lagina boys haven’t found any buried pirate treasure on the Canadian island, they aren’t going to find any buried treasure, and nobody will ever find any treasure on the island. That’s because there isn’t any.

Ignoring, for the moment, the fact that there simply isn’t any buried treasure on that island (more on that in a couple of paragraphs), there’s an obvious reason why we can say confidently that you aren’t going to see Rick and Marty Lagina finally find the treasure this season. The reason is this: TV production and real life move at different paces. The final frames of the final episode of Curse of Oak Island were shot months ago; if anyone had found any treasure, you’d have read about it in the news by now. The History Channel couldn’t possibly have ordered every newspaper and TV station in Canada to keep that a secret.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the History Channel from putting up an exciting preview video, hyping up the supposed drama of two men and their crews not finding buried pirate treasure.

You have to hand it to the History Channel: they’ve taken untold hours of footage of men not finding pirate treasure and stretched it into four highly-rated (for basic cable, anyway) seasons. And in the absence of real facts and real progress, the writers simply bring in seemingly related bits of “evidence,” tie them into ancient legends, and somehow try to pin it all on the supposed buried treasure.

“Is this scrap of paper found in the basement of a Halifax museum a clue that the Knights Templar played a role in hiding the treasure?”

The sad reality, for the Lagina brothers and their fans, is this: there is no buried pirate treasure on Oak Island. There probably never has been, and in the unlikely event that there ever was, it’s been found by now.

Even the History Channel itself admits that pirates rarely (if ever) buried their treasure. Further, the entire “mystery” of Oak Island is based on nothing more than heresay, legend, and centuries of misinterpretation of the island’s natural features, according to the Skeptical Inquirer.

Still, if you’re interested in watching Michigan brothers and their crews not find buried pirate treasure, you can watch The Curse of Oak Island when it returns on Tuesday, November 7.

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