Thomas Gibson’s Son James Parker Is In Thousand Dollar Cat: JP Gibson’s Band Releases Single [Opinion]

Thomas Gibson fans have watched James Parker Gibson grow up, as they followed the career and personal life of their favorite Criminal Minds actor. Now JP is not only 18 years old and in college, James and a friend have formed a band called Thousand Dollar Cat. The duo released a new single just this week.

While Thomas Gibson’s fan base is excited, Thomas is probably even more excited. Always the proud father, Thomas has been Tweeting and posting on Instagram about his James Parker’s new single. Today, Thomas announced that the Thousand Dollar Cat single is finally available to download.

Thomas Gibson posted on Instagram regarding the availability of the new single by Thousand Dollar Cat.

“Intoxicated by the Air He Breathes” by @thousanddollarcat is now on iTunes and Apple Music. Look for it on Spotify by the end of the week…! #thousanddollarcat”

James Parker Gibson’s new single, “Intoxicated by the Air He Breathes” by Thousand Dollar Cat is now available on Spotify an iTunes. Yes, it is now possible to download a copy of James Parker Gibson’s first single.

It is an exciting time for Thousand Dollar Cat guitarist, James Parker Gibson, who has been spending time with his father, award-winning veteran actor Thomas Gibson this summer, as well as his little sister 13-year-old Agatha Marie, and 15-year-old brother Travis Carter as mentioned in TV Guide, before heading off to college.

This isn’t James Parker Gibson’s first creative effort, however. In 2014, James Parker directed his first film short and placed it on YouTube. James Parker’s mother Christina starred in the film short. JP’s brother Travis Carter, and father Thomas were also featured in the three-minute video shown below.

And here’s an extra bit of fun, for those who, like James Parker Gibson of Thousand Dollar Cat, would like to have a hit song. James Parker’s Thousand Dollar Cat didn’t use this method, but this video is full of ideas and easy formulas for those who always wanted to write pop music.

Thomas Gibson’s proud Tweets about the Thousand Dollar Cat single, “Intoxicated by the Air He Breathes” have gained the attention of Thomas’s many fans. Thomas has also posted replies to his son’s Instagram photos about the Thousand Dollar Cat.


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Intoxicated by the Air He Breathes by @thousanddollarcat is now on ITunes and Apple Music. Look for it on Spotify by the end of the week…! #thousanddollarcat

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Thomas Gibson fans are also excited and began searching for the James Parker Gibson’s single on iTunes and Spotify as soon as it became available. It will be the first opportunity to hear Thousand Dollar Cat music.

Thousand Dollar Cat Instrumental Guitar Music
Thousand Dollar Cat Instrumental Guitar Music by Dmitry A Shutterstock

“Intoxicated by the Air He Breathes” is an instrumental song, because according to an Instagram comment posted by Thousand Dollar Cat, neither James Parker Gibson or his bandmate can sing.


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Thomas Gibson’s son James Parker Gibson, at only 18-years-old, has plenty of time to find a lead singer for Thousand Dollar Cat.

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