Melania Trump Anti-Bullying Campaign Slammed By ‘Morning Joe’: ‘She Sleeps With The Biggest Bully In [Opinion]

Melania Trump’s anti-bullying campaign was met with harsh derision on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, with both hosts pointing out her husband’s long history of bullying just about anybody who winds up on his bad side.

As Mediaite reports, co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski both took aim at the first lady’s campaign, which focuses particularly on cyber-bullying. Both hosts found it largely ironic, if not shameful, that the first lady would focus on bullying when her husband is himself a bully.

Joe Scarborough remarked, “If you are going to pick anything, that’s an interesting thing for Melania to pick considering, well, I mean, all the insults [from Donald Trump].”

In their back-and-forth, the two hosts pointed out a long list of ways in which Trump has attacked — or bullied — various reporters, politicians, and even co-host Mika Brzezinski herself.

  • Trump seems to enjoy pointing out peoples’ sizes, having referred to “Liddle” Bob Corker and “Little” Marco Rubio, as well as calling beauty queen Alicia Machado “fat.”
  • During his presidential campaign, Trump encouraged attendees to beat up protesters, and in fact, as the New Republic reported at the time, he even offered to pay the legal fees of any of his supporters who assaulted a protester.
  • Directing his ire towards Mika herself, Trump tweeted in June that she was “bleeding from a face-lift.”

Scarborough also pointed out Melania’s apparent lack of interest in her husband’s bullying.

“At least Melania stepped out and condemned him for — oh wait no she didn’t.”

Most modern first ladies have championed their own causes, apart from their husbands’ own political agendas. Michelle Obama, for example, advocated for healthy school lunches and children’s nutrition. Laura Bush, herself a former librarian, championed education and reading.

Melania Trump, for her part, has been focusing on bullying and cyber-bullying — at least, recently.

On Monday, Melania and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos showed up for a surprise visit at a Michigan school. As USA Today reports, the two kicked off a “Week of Inclusion,” which is part of National Bullying Prevention Month. Speaking to the children, the first lady spoke to the kids about the importance of making sure everyone is included.

“I encourage you all to find a new friend, get to know new things about them. Don’t let anyone sit alone.”

Joe Scarborough, however, thinks that the first lady needs to look at her own husband before she lectures others about bullying.

“Maybe she should start with Patient X, or Patient Zero…when she sleeps with the worst bully in America.”

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