Tom Cruise Can’t See Suri Pics: Scientology Disconnect? [Opinion]

Update: 11/3/2017 According to Tony Ortega, MaryAnn Carter misrepresented herself as being close to the Cruise family. She knows of Cruise’s cousin and does live near the rest of the family, but did not grow up with Tom as she claimed. As a result, the information she shared with Tony is at best suspect, at worst a total fabrication.

Tom Cruise may be avoiding any pictures of his daughter Suri Cruise due to a Scientology disconnect according to an expert on the Church of Scientology, Tony Ortega. Ever since Katie Holmes left Tom and the Church, he has been seeing less and less of his daughter. Despite rumors he may leave the church for a British girlfriend and chance at having Suri in his life, it seems as if the control of the cult is leading to Cruise avoiding even traces of Suri.

A small public group on Facebook, “Tom Cruise Media” first shared the news. The group has under 4,000 members, but is administrated by a childhood friend of Cruise. Maryann Carter asked that no pictures of Suri be shared in the group. Recently it was reported that Suri was seeking a relationship with her estranged father, but if things don’t change with Tom’s status, the likelihood doesn’t seem great.

Maryann, who is still in touch with some of Tom’s family in Kentucky, explained that Suri was “no longer a part of his life.”

Scientology researcher Tony Ortega, initially contacted Maryann through email and later interviewed her by phone. Maryann has known Tom since he she was 21 when Tom was just in his teens. At the time, Cruise was still Tom Mapother from Kentucky. Maryann’s connection to Tom was corroborated by photos of the two together. According to Maryann, it was Tom’s cousin who asked on behalf of Tom that the group no longer share photos of Suri.

“I do know in he said he couldn’t stop it, but he would prefer that nothing of Suri be in his group,” Maryann Carter explained.

Many experts on the Church of Scientology have theorized that this is evidence of the dreaded Scientology disconnect. Scientology’s disconnect is similar to the practice of shunning in Amish and other extremely isolated religious communities. It’s possible that Katie Holmes, and by extension Suri, could have been labelled “Suppressive Persons.” A Scientologist is restricted from having anything to do with an SP. Since most who leave the cult are labelled Suppressive, the Scientology disconnect has ripped apart dozens of families.

“When we told her we were surprised that a star as huge as Tom Cruise would care what was said about him or shown in a Facebook group with only 3,300 members, Maryann said that Tom is ‘supposedly’ concerned about what Suri is seeing about herself online now that she’s old enough, at 11, to look for herself.

“When we told Maryann that this explanation didn’t make a lot of sense to us, she agreed with us. ‘It’s Scientology,’ she says.

“Maryann admitted that Cruise’s reputation had suffered recently due to the church and found it ‘disturbing’ that he would be willing to separate from his own daughter over it.

“MaryAnn pines for her once close relationship with Tom and their long conversations.

“‘If I could have an hour with him, I really think I could get through to him. TC has some big issues in his life.'”

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