In ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Goes From God To Gladiator In Viking Apocalypse Prophecy [Opinion]

Thor: Ragnarok stars Chris Hemsworth in the title role of the Viking god. The Ragnarok film is based on more than just comic book lore, though that is the bulk of its direct source material. Yet, the story is an ancient one. After all, Thor is the son of the Viking god Odin, and Ragnarok is the Viking apocalypse.

If Chris Hemsworth’s muscular and scantily clothed body, glistening with sweat, isn’t enough to get fans out to see Thor: Ragnarok, then there is the action. But even if the most expensive special effects, gorgeous sets, and explosive violence between stars such as Chris Hemsworth with totally hot bodies isn’t all that intriguing for a few, then one has the ancient Viking lore. Ragnarok is a Viking apocalypse prophecy. It is the Viking equivalent to Revelations.

Thor: Ragnarok has something for everyone. Reviews are soaring high for the new Chris Hemsworth flick. Rotten Tomatoes critics give the film 98 percent, while the audience has rated it at 99+. For more about the critics’ praise of Thor: Ragnarok, see this from the Inquisitr.

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is hardly the same as the ancient god of Viking lore, nor is the ominous Viking apocalypse prophecy faithfully followed in the movie. Many critics say Thor: Ragnarok is “fun.” Making the Viking apocalypse, or any apocalypse, fun is certainly a novel approach. The Hollywood Reporter offers this interesting modern-day Viking philosophy from the movie as an explanation.

“At any rate, as it arrives poised for a megalithic box-office haul, it might be helpful to keep in mind the advice offered by one character: ‘You cannot stop Ragnarok. Why fight it?'”

But Chris Hemsworth will fight. Thor: Ragnarok pits Chris Hemsworth against the Hulk, as in Bruce Banner, portrayed by Mark Ruffalo. This detail is certainly not part of the original Ragnarok prophecy, which describes the all-out destruction of the Viking Valhalla (heaven), the underworld (place of the dead), and earth. Ragnarok “is the downfall of the cosmos” according to Norse Mythology for Smart People.

Far from Chris Hemsworth’s take on Ragnarok, in the Ragnarok mythical prophecy, Hela’s (Hel’s) dogs, which guard the underworld, will be unleashed upon the earth, and the powerful Viking wolf-god Fenrir or Garm is predicted to kill Odin. Then one of Odin’s sons — it could be Thor — avenges his father by slaying Fenrir, according to Norse Mythology for Smart People.

Chris Hemsworth’s depiction of Thor in battle with the Hulk at Ragnarok is not at all the same as the Viking myth. Still, if the dogs of Hel are on the loose, then perhaps anything is possible. Not only that, Chris Hemsworth is totally hot, and the movie is fun, so literary accuracy means little at this point.

Thor: Ragnarok with Chris Hemsworth, though far from an accurate depiction of Viking myth, brings the spirit of Valhalla and the powerful Norse gods. The film features Thor, Loki, Hel or Hela, Odin, and a Valkyrie.

In addition to Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston portrays Loki the Viking trickster god while Cate Blanchett portrays Hel, pronounced Hela in the movie. Anthony Hopkins portrays Odin, while newcomer Tessa Thompson portrays a Valkyrie.

Chris Hemswoth portrays Thor in Thor:Ragnarok
Chris Hemswoth as Thor in Thor Ragnarok by Ewais Shutterstock


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Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor: Ragnarok makes the once-feared Viking apocalypse completely enjoyable.

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