What If Donald Trump Were President Of North Korea? [Opinion]

There is an idiom which states, “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes.” With this in mind, we now ask the sobering question of what life might look like in a North Korea led by Donald Trump.

For some people, such a query would be a non-starter. To them, the answer might be, “If he can’t run America with all of the help he has here, how the heck could he single-handedly rule North Korea?” On the other hand, those who think that Trump is doing an excellent job at the helm of America would likely be a bit more thoughtful — and much less irreverent.

Perhaps they would cite some of Trump’s underreported accomplishments during the short tenure of his fledgling administration. Still, others might simply shake their heads in disbelief that some writer had enough spare time to imagine such a scenario.

However, since there is a bit of a consensus among certain circles that our president has some distinctly authoritarian tendencies, let us now delve into some uncharted waters.

As we all know, North Korea is a true dictatorship — from Kim Jong-un’s mouth to everyone’s ears — that is the law. There are also none of those annoying checks and balances, and coequal branches of government are unheard of.

Let us also not forget North Korea’s criminal justice system, whose premise is that you are considered guilty before you are found guilty. Let’s face it, their court system is a prosecutor’s paradise. Not even Matlock, Perry Mason, and the ghost of Johnny Cochran all rolled into one could save you from certain detainment and swift punishment.

No matter if there is a Mount Everest of evidence in your defense, you will still quickly find yourself making “big ones into little ones” while being mercilessly flogged as a lifetime guest at one of its “re-education” camps.

And do not forget the nukes. Being the leader of North Korea would mean having the ability to pop off nukes like bottles of really expensive champagne and never have to say you are sorry.

if trump were president of north korea
[Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]

Last but not least, Trump as leader of the DPRK would also have the forced adoration of millions of sycophants, not to mention being surrounded by other assorted military cronies and minions, who are always ready to do his bidding without question.

With all of this, what more could an authoritarian type of guy ask for? An obedient press, you say? But of course. As leader of North Korea, Trump could completely eliminate having to continually deal with the “fake news” media.

So, what would Trump do if he woke up tomorrow and found himself in Kim Jong-un’s loafers (sans the bad haircut of course)? What would he do if he found himself with the ability to push the “Big Red Button” all by himself?

Would Trump march the media pool out and have them all shot at dawn, as an example of what happens to those who criticize him? Would he trade in healthcare reform for euthanasia, or would he ensure that everyone had access to good doctors and medicine at an affordable price?

Would Trump build a wall between North Korea and South Korea to prevent his subjects from emigrating to the other side, or would he welcome all who want to come into his little fiefdom with open arms?

Would he force everyone to kneel before his image as it passed through the streets, accompanied by its own custom theme music, or would he demand everyone stand during the country’s anthem on pain of death?

Finally, would Trump risk annihilation by a far superior force, simply because some guy occasionally sends out offensive messages on Twitter, or would he take the high road and continue as if the guy was not even there?

When all things are considered, perhaps a North Korea led by Trump would not look much different from the way it does now.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]