Derick Dillard Is Fighting Back After Fans Demand He Be Fired From ‘Counting On’ For Controversial Comments [Opinion]

Counting On star Derick Dillard has never been shy when it comes to sharing his thoughts and opinions, but lately, his extremely conservative words are offending fans of the show. However, if you think this would cause Dillard to back down, you would be wrong. The 28-year-old is fighting back, and it doesn’t seem he has any plans to be quiet anytime soon.

In the past few months on social media, as Celebuzz has pointed out, Dillard has called transgender a myth, declared there is no racism in America, and announced that abortion is murder, and his followers are getting tired of his extreme views and homophobic, racist rants. The Hollywood Gossip claims that it is even starting to anger his employers.

After each post, people have called him out and challenged his viewpoints, but now, some are wondering about more than his opinions. Recently, someone tweeted to the father of two, “Get a job yet?”

Derick Dillard couldn’t resist the urge to respond.

“Funny, I’ve worked full-time salaried job/school non-stop for the past 23 years… might want to check your sources.”

This isn’t the first time fans have questioned Dillard’s career. According to In Touch Weekly, after ending his ministry in El Salvador, Dillard and his wife Jill Duggar went to Pure Charity, a site similar to Go Fund Me, to request money for their Cross Church Ministry.

They posted a goal of $6,500, but only raised $125 before they took down the page. This was the second time the couple had requested donations. When running Dillard Family Ministries, they requested money before closing the organization down and moving back to the states.

Neither attempt at fundraising was successful because fans seem to doubt the couple’s need for money after starring on a reality show for years. Many commented that they would rather donate to local charities and saw Dillard’s attempt to raise money as nothing more than a scam.

Dillard’s resume on his LinkedIn profile shows only his work in Central America and before that a job at Walmart. So, it’s unclear where his “non-stop” work has taken place in the past 23 years. And, if he doesn’t start watching what he is saying on social media, Derick Dillard might find himself sharing the similar fate of his brother-in-law, Josh Duggar.

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