Julian Assange On Twitter: ‘Hillary Clinton Just Told Five Blatant Lies About WikiLeaks’ [Opinion]

Julian Assange’s organization, WikiLeaks, has, without a doubt, changed the course of history. Therefore, Assange can be considered one of the most influential figures of our time, whether we like it or not. And while Julian’s unique, albeit difficult, position grants him a place in history books, it rids him of any comfort or safety. However, it also grants a special kind of freedom, which is why it’s safe to assume that the man will never cease to surprise and shock the public. His Twitter feed, apart from being a good source of news and entertainment, is also an aggressive and painfully honest demonstration of Mr. Assange’s disdain toward lies and media manipulation, more often than not perpetuated by the American political elite.

One of his latest tweets is a dig at Hillary Clinton. What did she do this time? According to Julian, nothing but lie. Hillary Clinton is currently on tour, promoting What Happened, her election memoir. She is currently in Australia, and in a recent interview with the ABC’s Sarah Ferguson, Clinton attacked the WikiLeaks founder, calling him, among other things, “a nihilistic opportunist” and a “tool of Russian intelligence”. Perhaps some would argue that the 2016 presidential candidate’s refusal to take personal responsibility for what happened has become chronic and embarrassing, but she doesn’t seem to be able to resist telling more lies. And, like all liars, she sometimes loses herself in the inconsistent web of fiction she spouts. Assange knows this.

Hillary Clinton Talks Assange with Sarah Ferguson

In a special edition of the Australian talk show Four Corners, Hillary Clinton, according to Medium.com writer Caitlin Johnstone, told five lies about WikiLeaks.

1. WikiLeaks never published anything about Russia

“Why doesn’t WikiLeaks ever publish anything coming out of Russia?”

WikiLeaks published “Spy Files Russia,” an exceptionally large series of releases about surveillance contractors in the country.

2. Podesta leaks were timed to overshadow the Hollywood Access tape scandal

“A very clever, diabolical response to the Hollywood Access tape.”

WikiLeaks had announced a leak drop days prior to October 7.

3. There was nothing incriminating in the Democratic Party emails Assange’s organization published

Throughout the interview, Hillary Clinton makes a conscious effort to spin the DNC email scandal into what she claims to be nothing but a propaganda campaign.

4. Assange is a “tool of Russian intelligence”

“I think he’s very clearly a tool of Russian intelligence.”

American intelligence officials say Assange’s WikiLeaks has no direct ties to Russian intelligence services. However, as the New York Times puts it, “Russia often benefits when Julian Assange reveals the West’s secrets.”

5. WikiLeaks spreads lies and it is therefore not protected by the First Amendment

Just like any other outlet that publishes leaked documents, WikiLeaks is inherently protected by the First Amendment.

The Consequences

Caitlin Johnstone then goes on to debunk Clinton’s alleged lies, seemingly with absolute ease. This is the article that Julian Assange himself shared with his Twitter followers. It has already been retweeted by thousands of his followers, so it’s safe to assume that the mainstream media will soon catch up to it.

Hillary Clinton speaks during an appearance to promote her book in England.
[Image by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images]

This is not the first and probably not the last time a politician has been caught lying. And this is not the first time Julian Assange has called them out for it. With the United States standing more divided than ever, a set of legitimate questions arises, with perhaps the most important one being: What will the consequences be? That remains to be seen, but if the DNC leaks were the final nail in the coffin of Clinton’s political career, her interview with Sarah Ferguson was the swan song.

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