‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 111 Review: Hit Retires After Putting Up A Better Fight Than Goku [Opinion]

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 had a lot to live up to. After the excellent two-part special that aired last week, the bar was set really high for this week’s episode. Fortunately, Toei Animation did its job very well, depicting Hit’s valiant stand against the unstoppable Jiren in a way that is both enjoyable and satisfying. Needless to say, U6’s assassin put up one heck of a fight before retiring from the Tournament of Power.

The episode titled “Extreme Battle of Another Dimension! Hit vs. Jiren!!” was all about Hit and Jiren’s intense fight, as noted by DBS fan-translator Herms98. In this sense, the episode really did not disappoint. From its opening scenes to its inevitable climax and denouement, Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 depicted a story showing the Tournament of Power’s third-strongest fighter attempting to do what he can against the battle royale’s top dog.

Hit, as well as everyone in the arena, knew that he was outmatched against Jiren from the get-go. From the moment the first hits (pun intended) were thrown, it was evident that the gap between Hit and Jiren was just far too great. During the battle, Jiren was tanking Hit’s Time-Skip like it was nothing, with the assassin’s afterimages doing nothing more than giving the Pride Trooper another target to smash.

Despite this, however, Hit did not throw in the towel. After getting pummeled by the U11 fighter like a punching bag, the assassin opted to use a variation of his heart-stopping technique to paralyze Jiren physically. Hit’s ultimate, desperate attack paid off, with the U6 fighter striking the U11 tank straight to his heart.

Eventually, and rather unsurprisingly, Jiren was able to get out of Hit’s time-manipulation trickery through sheer brute strength. At this point, Hit was throwing all he can in a final attack against the Pride Trooper. Unfortunately for the U6 fighter, his last attack did not meet its mark, and another beatdown after, he was officially eliminated from the Tournament of Power.

While Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 played out as expected, Hit’s stand against Jiren was a completely enjoyable affair, as noted by several DB fans in the official /r/DBS subreddit. Despite the great power divide between the two men, the assassin’s strategy against the unbeatable U11 fighter showed just how different Hit was compared to Goku. Unlike the Saiyan, who simply attacked Jiren head-on with his Ultra Instinct form, Hit strategized, capitalizing on Jiren’s strengths to land one clean attack.


During the battle of the two warriors, there were times when Hit actually pushed Jiren back, with the Pride Trooper moving actively in order to counter and avoid the assassin’s attacks. Hit’s desperate strike was enough to almost push Jiren off the edge of the arena, and he was even able to incapacitate the U11 fighter, at least for a few moments.

Hit was able to accomplish this without changing form or powering up. Objectively speaking, he came pretty close to beating Jiren just by his sheer will and power. Considering that Hit was actually fighting at a disadvantage in the Tournament of Power due to its no-killing rule (he’s an assassin by profession, after all), his swan song in Dragon Ball Super‘s most ambitious battle royale proved to be one of the best fights in the series so far.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]