Friday The 13th Pros And Cons For October 13, 2017: Could It Really Be A Lucky Day? [Opinion]

Friday the 13th has always been considered unlucky, but is there any indication it’s different from any other day? For centuries, the day has been believed to be unlucky, but new statistical evidence shows, this date is not so bad.

This Friday the 13th has been dreaded, perhaps more than others, because it falls in October. October has been looked upon with superstition as well because of Halloween. Add to that, the natural disasters, mass shootings and an increase in end of the world predictions in September and October of 2017, and it’s no wonder people are a little nervous about the 13th day of October.

There are at least 17 million Americans and perhaps as many as 21 million, who are phobic about Friday the 13th, according to NJ True Jersey. Many in the European nations are also fearful and superstitious about this date.

Still, Friday the 13th of October 2017, should be a day to feel lucky, not unlucky. After all, an asteroid the size of a house near missed the earth on October 12. That was only yesterday, so today seems a cause for celebration, not more fear. The 50 to 100-foot diameter space rock traveled “within 27,000 miles of Antarctica” according to The Telegraph.

Friday the 13th is the safest day of the year

Statistically, Friday the 13th is the safest day of the year, at least according to the Dutch Center for Insurance Statistics CVS. Year after year, there are fewer accidents, fires, and thefts on Friday the 13th than any other average Friday. Reuters reports CVS statistician Alex Hoen’s comments.

“I find it hard to believe that it is because people are preventatively more careful or just stay home, but statistically speaking, driving is a little bit safer on Friday 13th.”

Maybe people don’t take as many chances on days believed to be somehow cursed. Maybe they allow more space between cars, or just possibly those who stay home make room for those who go out. Statistically, it will not be unlucky to drive on October 13, 2017. Still, there could be a few downsides to be avoided tomorrow.

Friday the 13th may increase the risk of penetrating trauma

While full moons reportedly bring on a host of hospital admissions, especially childbirths, Emergency room workers tend to be superstitious about Friday the 13th, as well as full moons according to ABC. Are their fears well-founded?

Does Friday the 13th make a stir in emergency rooms, more than other Fridays? Will hospitals be busy on October 13, 2017? Dr. Bruce Lo, an Eastern Virginia Medical School associate professor, researched the incidence of 13 different types of emergencies reflected in hospital records, including heart attacks, car accidents, and appendectomies on Fridays.

According to hospital records for the past seven years, Friday the 13th was the same as any other Friday, except for one type of incident. ABC reports Dr. Lo’s comments about his Friday the 13th study findings.

“There was a slight increase in risk [of penetrating trauma] on Friday the 13th … but for everything else, for the most part, it really made no difference at all.”

This Friday the 13th statistical anomaly is slight according to Dr. Lo, so just taking normal precautions not to get stabbed or otherwise impaled on anything on October 13 should be sufficient to avoid the penetrating wound risk.

Friday the 13th could still be a lucky day

Friday the 13th negatively impacts retail and airlines

Friday the 13th is an unlucky day for shopkeepers. Each Friday the 13th, hundreds of millions of dollars in retail sales, and airline fares are lost. Many people refuse to drive, much less fly. Some people stay home if they can.

For that reason though, Friday the 13th is a great day to go for a drive, go shopping, catch dinner and a movie, or get a great deal on airline tickets to virtually anywhere. It’s often cheaper to get a tattoo on Friday the 13th as well. Why not avoid the crowds and take advantage of sales on October 13, 2017?

Tempting fate?

Friday the 13th is pretty much like any other day, well, except some people are scared to leave the house. Still, Daredevil Anthony Britton might be tempting fate by going through with his Friday the 13th plans. The Huddersfield Daily Examiner explains Mr. Britton plans to set himself on fire, then run 200 meters to set a new world record for “body burn” running today.

While it could be said that some people take their fear of Friday the 13th too far, others would argue that taking extreme and unnecessary risks might be ill-advised. While October 13, 2017, may not be unlucky, it’s probably best to leave the “body burn” races to expert daredevils like Anthony Britton.


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Friday the 13th has not proven to be any more dangerous than any other day, but safety is never guaranteed.

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