The Evolution Of Melania Trump’s Dress: Critiques Not Treading So Lightly Today [Opinion]

Melania Trump has become a fashion icon in this nation, and women are imitating the first lady’s mode of dress, her choice of footwear, and the way she wears her hair. The first lady’s even made it fashionable to wear sunglasses at night, and some women have gone as far as going under the knife in an attempt to look like Melania Trump.

As Newsweek reported last week, there’s a woman so “obsessed” with Melania Trump’s looks that she’s had eight plastic surgeries in an attempt to look like America’s first lady. While that might be taking things a bit too far, more and more women are opting for Melania Trump’s hairstyle and wardrobe choices today.

When Melania stepped into the crowd for the White House celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, she wore a dress that was eye-popping. It was a very form-fitting dress, and if anyone could pull off attire like this, Melania Trump can.

The first critiques seemed to tread on safe ground with descriptions such as, “flamenco-style” outfit, or “figure-hugging” attire while critiquing the look of Melania’s outfit. She was said to have “dazzled” and “impressed” the masses while donning this dress. There wasn’t too much mentioned about her “bosom” at first, but that seems to have changed as the weekend rolled around.

For some reason, it seems that this dress was different than anything else Melania has worn in public since her inaugural ensemble, which is still talked about today. Melania’s attire from the Hispanic Heritage event is not waning in the headlines, it seems to be getting a reboot on critiques today.

Melania Trump at Hispanic Heritage Event at White House

As days go by, the critiquing of this outfit seems to lean a bit toward the racy side. The kindness seen when the first reviews came out about this dress seems to be giving way to negative critiques, with some folks questioning what her stylist might have been thinking when she laid out that ensemble. Politcallore suggests that Melania’s stylist “made an odd choice.”

Politicallore also describes the way Melania wore the outfit with “the white top stretched over Melania’s bosom.” Over the weekend, more critiques about this outfit hit online, with commenting that Melania “made sure all eyes were on her at an event to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.”

According to, “The white top of the dress left little the imagination, clinging to her pneumatic bosom in a style very few first ladies dare to wear.”

They suggest the look is similar to the “sweater girls of the 1950s.” is comparing Melania to Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield’s style where “a tight-fitting sweater” was used by these stars to “call attention to their best assets.” It seems that with each day the critiquing of this dress on Melania Trump pushes the envelope just a bit further while still staying within the realm of appropriate.

Melania Trump looked beautiful, and despite what critics have to say, the first lady pulled this look off with class and grace.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]