Kate Middleton Is Marveled At For Her Determination With Baby Number 3 On The Way [Opinion]

Kate Middleton is having another baby, which grows Prince William’s arm of the Royals into a family of five. Her determination to give birth to a third child while knowing there is the probability that she would suffer from a third bout of hyperemesis gravidarum makes Kate something of a “badass” in the words of E News.

The news she was given by the doctors after the birth of Prince George was that women who suffer hyperemesis gravidarum with their first pregnancy will most likely experience it with future pregnancies. As E News reported, this disease is considered “the morning sickness so severe it’s in a class by itself—and now she’s embarking on a third.”

Kate’s experience “reads like a horror novel” when it comes to the rough road she had with hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancies with George and Charlotte, reported E News. The disease is characterized by nausea and vomiting, but at a frequency that leaves the woman in danger of becoming dehydrated rather quickly.

The vomiting can occur as often as every 10 minutes and these symptoms can last throughout the entire 40 weeks of pregnancy. A woman suffering from HG often requires extra hydration and nutrition supplements, which is what Kate experienced when she was hospitalized while pregnant with Prince George, according to E News.

While pregnant with Charlotte, HG reared it’s ugly symptoms again. Knowing it was a possibility this time around, presumingly didn’t make battling the symptoms any easier, suggested E News, but her medical team was ready for it. Kate, who weathered through her pregnancies while suffering the symptoms of HG with George and Charlotte, is doing it once more.

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The announcements of Kate’s pregnancies have been somewhat dictated by HG, as Buckingham Palace needed to offer up an explanation as to why Kate was about to miss scheduled events. Kate missing Prince George’s first day of school would have worried the masses without knowing what was happening this time around.

What the world knows about Kate as a mom, she just wouldn’t miss that special date. According to E News, “This bout of HG was so bad that she was forced to sit out of what would be a marquee day in the little Prince’s life. “

Kate’s medical team reportedly “jumped into action” when the first sign of HG popped up with this third pregnancy and she’s under a strict doctor’s order to rest. They have Kate on a routine of rest and nourishment that will hopefully prevent Kate from experiencing another hospital stay.

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According to the International Business Times in an update today, “the worst of the condition is behind her.” They also report that Kate has “had a rough pregnancy so far,” then they offered the news that the symptoms of HG seem to be waning and she’s feeling better.

While Kate is anchored in Kensington Palace, following the strict guidelines set up by her medical team, there is a silver lining to the HG this time around. With George in school, Kate is getting some alone time for mom and daughter. While HG has grounded her once again, this time she gets to spend time with Charlotte.

Kate’s determination to grow her little family despite all she knew she could be facing with HG looming for this pregnancy has earned her the term “badass” from E News. She’s tough and she has her mind set on having a sizable family.

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