Twitter Lauds Lawmaker Who Said The ‘Only Thing’ Which Will Work With North Korea Is Trump Resigning [Opinion]

Twitter is all praises for California Democratic Representative Ted Lieu, who said that the “only thing” which will work in United States’ favor when dealing with North Korea is Donald Trump’s resignation.

Lieu’s statement immediately drew a lot of attention on Twitter, especially as many believed that its tongue-in-cheek manner is perhaps something more politicians can employ when dealing with Donald Trump’s often contentious and rhetoric-filled Twitter rants.

“Dear @realDonaldTrump: Is that one thing you resigning? I’m sure your generals told you there are zero good military options against N Korea,” Lieu’s tweet read.

Trump had earlier tweeted that “only one thing will work” with North Korea, referring to the president’s repeated emphasis that Pyongyang’s recent surge in conducting intercontinental ballistic missile tests and pushing ahead with its nuclear program despite widespread condemnation can only be controlled by counter military action on part of the United States. Trump has time and again doubled down on his initial claim that the US has several military options at its disposal to check the alarming actions of the Asian country, which has seen Kim Jong-un launch a series of missile tests over Japan’s airspace over the last few weeks, a provocative gesture not appreciated by the island country.

Trump recently also received the dubious honor of being the first president to openly chastise his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, on a public platform like Twitter. Future historians will have their work cut out with the amount of digital document and material that will be available to them. Tillerson had reportedly established a line of diplomatic connection with North Korea, but Trump thumbed down the effort, advising him to “save his energy” because Trump had other ideas about dealing with Pyongyang.

According to social entrepreneur Scott Gilmore, even though Trump has broken all our previously held norms about politics, presidency and even human behavior, history will not be kind to Trump, or the Republican Party.

“Ironically, at a moment when the GOP has more governors, senators, congressmen and judges in power than at any time in the last 80 years, it is in utter disarray. They have not even been able to line up in an orderly fashion to pass a single piece of important legislation, even after 7 years of chanting “Repeal and Replace Obamacare”. But, this too is a case where the real consequences are further down the road. The party and its President have accelerated a decade long trend by further alienating women, Hispanics, immigrants, urban voters and youth. The impact of this will likely be felt for decades, as the GOP base of elderly white men literally dies off. Consider that the Washington Post is reporting over a 100,000 Puerto Ricans will relocate to Florida due to the aftermath of hurricane Maria. The Republicans won that state by only 120,000 votes. They can’t outrun demographics.”


Trump had said that he might be forced to “totally destroy” North Korea at the UN General Assembly. Security experts contend that Donald Trump’s threatening behavior at the United Nations and his consequent rhetoric is not going to ease tensions with North Korea, but will only end up escalating it. Benjamin Habib, a politics professor at La Trobe University, believes Trump’s alpha posturing could end up meaning the deaths of thousands or millions of people for little or no reason.

“Donald Trump’s sabre-rattling plays into Kim’s logic of domestic power that positions the US as a dire threat, justifying the regime’s political repression.

One could be forgiven for observing the current US-North Korea standoff as a game played by privileged men in suits on either side, gambling with the lives of ordinary citizens. Millions of lives on both sides of the demilitarised zone and beyond are placed at unnecessary risk through such high-stakes brinkmanship.

Trump’s penchant for military posturing does little to increase the likelihood of denuclearising North Korea.”


So when Ted Lieu suggested that Donald Trump’s resignation is the “only thing” which could save a worsening of ties between the two countries, Twitter users responded to the statement with agreement and more humor. Not only was it witty while being critical of Trump’s stance on North Korea, he also pointed out that contrary to Trump’s declaration, the military establishment in the United States does not believe that an armed conflict with North Korea is an option given the precariousness of the situation and the lives that could be at stake if the US actually decided to carry out surgical strikes on North Korean bases. Furthermore, countries such as Japan and South Korea are likely to suffer the worst brunt if military action takes place leading to war, and will have a lot to say about the matter. And then there is China, which although is not appreciative of North Korea assuming nuclear capabilities, it does not want Kim Jong-un’s regime to collapse, according to The Guardian.


Lieu’s tweet quickly became viral and began trending on the micro-blogging site, liked several thousand times at the time of posting. Reddit users “upvoted” an article in The Hill about the tweet several thousand times, helping the article claim the number one spot on its politics subreddit.

But while Lieu’s statement about Donald Trump’s resignation could be seen as a scathing remark to Trump’s chest-thumping, the ghostwriter of Trump’s bestseller The Art of the Deal predicted in an interview that Trump’s resignation will actually turn to reality sooner than later.

Until that time, however, Twitter users will appreciate if tweets like Ted Lieu’s keep coming, a counterpoint to Trump’s rancid and reprehensible tweets and talk of war.

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