Best Horror Movies 2017 On Netflix For Halloween: ‘Cult Of Chucky’ Spoiler-Free Review [Opinion]

Halloween is right around the corner, and one of the best horror movies of 2017 just arrived to Netflix for the occasion, Cult of Chucky. If you’re looking for Halloween movies on Netflix that utilize both horror and humor, then look no further than Cult of Chucky. This film is the seventh installment in the Child’s Play franchise, and it is the highest-rated among critics thus far. Child’s Play creator, and writer of all seven movies (co-writing the first), Don Mancini, returns to direct Cult of Chucky(the third consecutive film in the franchise directed by Mancini).

The film has a runtime of 91 minutes, and this installment features a cast that horror enthusiasts should appreciate: Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent, and perhaps the most popular of all, Jennifer Tilly. With a score of 83 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, the site provides the premise for one of the best horror movies on Netflix for Halloween 2017.

“Chucky returns to prey upon Nica (Fiona Dourif), who’s been confined to an asylum for four years. Chucky’s nemesis from the original Child’s Play, Andy (Alex Vincent), tries to save Nica, but first he has to deal with Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), Chucky’s devoted former wife.”

best horror movies 2017 on Netflix for Halloween includes Cult of Chucky

The movie follows in the steps of Curse of Chucky with the maniacal doll continuing to terrorize poor Nica. The film moves along at a nice pace, and horror fans should enjoy seeing past and present characters coming together on the screen for the first time. And the filmmakers chose a perfect setting to bring the group together—an insane asylum.

Per his usual, the evil doll is as witty as ever. Like previous additions, the film has a great deal of suspense with humor sandwiched in-between the scares. One of the reasons Child’s Play is one of the most successful horror series is consistency, and this seventh installment is just as loyal to the franchise as its predecessors. Not only does it remain loyal, but it treads new ground (while poking-fun at horror movies and its tropes at the same time).


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Audiences will be pleased to see numerous surprises in this Netflix gem, and Don Mancini has found yet another way to keep the evil doll feeling fresh and new. Though many horror sequels get stale, this franchise continues to get stronger and stronger with each addition. With plenty of scares, a solid storyline, and the best cast yet, Cult of Chucky is one of the best horror movies on Netflix, and it’s perfect for Halloween 2017.

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