Eric Church’s Song, ‘Why Not Me’ Starts A Healing Process For Las Vegas Shooting Survivors [Opinion]

Eric Church says he penned “Why Not Me” in an effort to “fix” something that was broken inside him. Eric isn’t just a country music star anymore. Mr. Church is also a Las Vegas shooting survivor.

Eric Church is quoted in Townhall as he addressed the Grand Ole Opry audience.

“That night something broke in me, and the only way I’ve ever fixed anything that’s been broken in me is with music.”

Las Vegas shooting survivors, including Eric Church, are still healing. Some lost loved ones, others were injured, but even those who, like Eric Church, escaped without a scratch will never forget that night. America will never forget that night.

Eric Church expresses his own survivor’s guilt clearly in his emotional ballad, “Why Not Me.”

“I asked the God of all-knowing wisdom
Why you and why not me
Yeah the Lord is my refuge and fortress
my God with whom I trust
But I’ll never know why the wicked
Gets to prey on the best of us.”

The simple question, “Why not me,” as asked by Eric Church, is a logical, but haunting question that can be a torment to anyone who survives a car accident, airplane crash, fire or any other tragedy, in which others perished. Psychologists call it survivor’s guilt.

Eric Church and tens of thousands of others, who just happened to be in Las Vegas at the time of the shooting, will never forget that night. While Eric Church has his strong faith to guide him, it is hard to comprehend why the Las Vegas shooting happened.

Eric Church is not alone in asking questions. Why, and how the Las Vegas shooting happened? These are questions nearly everyone is asking, but the answers currently available seem very inadequate in the face of this carnage.

As Eric Church asks in “Why Not Me,” why are the “wicked” preying on the good people of this country? People want a better understanding of the Las Vegas shooting, and survivors are being asked what happened.

See Eric Church describe the Las Vegas concert and perform his song about the Las Vegas shooting in the video below.

Eric Church and the thousands of other survivors are struggling to make sense of the Las Vegas shooting tragedy. The high profile, inexplicable, and random nature of the Las Vegas shooting could make the experience even harder for survivors like Eric Church to deal with. Still, many Las Vegas shooting survivors want to answer questions and are taking to social media with various accounts of the Las Vegas shooting.

Seth Gillihan, a psychologist and an expert on PTSD, explained to USA Today that Las Vegas shooting survivors will need continued support, care, and compassion.

“There’s national recognition and solidarity around these big events, (but) that sense of attention and care and compassion seems to fade with the next news cycle. The country pretty quickly returns to its baseline.”

Eric Church is not about to return to any baseline, and neither will other Las Vegas shooting survivors who have posted their stories and videos on Youtube and other social media. America should stand with Eric Church and other Las Vegas shooting survivors.

Eric Church is quoted on Townhall.

“I saw that crowd. I saw ’em with their hands in the air. I saw ’em with boots in the air. What I saw, that moment in time that was frozen, there’s no amount of bullets that can take it away.”

Eric Church’s song ” Why Not Me” will keep the memory alive and help Las Vegas shooting victims heal. It seems unlikely that Americans are going to just forget.

Eric Church recounted what happened moments before the Las Vegas shooting to Rolling Stone.

“I shook everybody’s hand and I thanked them for coming. I came back up the left side, saw smiling faces, hands in the air and pictures being taken … 48 hours later, those places where I stood was carnage. Those are my people. Those are my fans.”

The shooting attack on this Las Vegas country music festival is an attack on America, as surely as 9/11. It is doubtful that even amid the nearly ceaseless disasters wrought on this country in 2017, by fires, floods, and hurricanes, the Las Vegas shooting will be forgotten.

Eric Church was headlining for the Las Vegas Harvest Fest
Eric Church was headlining for the Las Vegas Harvest Fest by Rob Grabowski

For Eric Church and other Las Vegas shooting survivors, who will return to their homes and communities, support from friends, family, and even strangers will help them heal. It is important to welcome these people with warmth and compassion.

Eric Church has made an amazing first step in recovery by giving voice to his anguish. Eric Church’s “Why Not Me” is the song, or perhaps the first of many songs, speeches, and statements that will help America heal.

While Eric Church was able to express his feelings eloquently, both in song and in various statements, many survivors are still feeling numb, according to USA Today. Healing is a process, and the Las Vegas shooting survivors are only beginning to come to grips with what happened.

Jeff Bauman, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing, offered words of comfort that might apply to Las Vegas shooting survivors. Bauman, who lost his lower legs in the bombing, explained his recovery to USA Today.

“Sometimes I have nightmares and wake up to explosions, but it hasn’t been like that for a while. I want to show people you can overcome a tragedy.”

Makeshift memorial for Las Vegas shootng victims
Makeshift memorial for Las Vegas shootng victims by John Locher AP

While Eric Church has already taken steps toward healing, not only for himself but for other Las Vegas shooting survivors, there is a long road ahead. It isn’t a matter of forgetting, but overcoming the fear and sense of loss.

Remembering the Las Vegas shooting isn’t about giving up one’s freedom, either. USA Today says it will be hard for survivors like Eric Church to go out to concerts, or anywhere there are large crowds. Many others might not feel inclined to venture out to concerts either after such an event.


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Still, Eric Church will obviously not give up attending concerts, and neither should others because it only lets the “wickedness” Eric Church spoke of in “Why Not Me” win.

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