Harry Styles’ Cars: From 1970 Ford Capri To Jaguar E-Type Roadster [Opinion]

Harry Styles has quite a car collection. Though Harry is no Jay Leno, his diverse tastes and the occasional need for speed seem to have led this Rock Star heartthrob to diversify. Styles seems to have a car for every occasion.

While Harry doesn’t have as many cars as Jay Leno, he does park them further apart. Yes, Styles has cars on both sides of the pond. Many of his cars are in Los Angeles but his other Collection awaits him when he comes home.

Harry Styles has an adorable little vintage Merc to drive around West Hollywood. He also has another vintage Mercedes across the pond.

Harry Styles car purchases may have started out modestly enough. When Harry was only 18, he purchased a 1970 Ford Capri, valued at about £8,000. It’s a lovely little classic car which Styles reportedly left in a car park in London for many months. Harry retrieved the Ford Capri in 2014 and gave it a much-needed wash according to the Daily Mail.

By 2014, Harry Styles not only had plenty of other cars he was quite busy, touring with One Direction. Many fans and journalists reported perhaps the young rising star was burning through his hard earned cash awfully quickly in 2012, as he started to buy more expensive cars.

Judging from the success of Harry Styles recent solo album, which launched Harry’s rock star career they need not have worried. The Audi R8 Coupe was purchased when Styles was just 19 years old. Styles paid about £100,000, according to The Sun.

In 2012, Harry Styles made an extravagant purchase, handing over $195,000 for a bright red Ferrari, just for cruising around Beverly Hills. At the time, it was reported that perhaps Harry was spending too much on cars.

Harry Styles bought a red Ferrari in 2012
Harry Styles bought a red Ferrari in 2012 [Image by Shaun.P/Shutterstock]

Harry Styles doesn’t buy everything he sees, though. After test driving a Porsche 911 Sport Classic in 2014, he quietly returned it to the dealership according to The Sun. It just was not his style perhaps? Styles instead opted for a red Jaguar E-Type convertible.

In addition to all these fine sports cars though, Harry Styles owns a Range Rover. Doesn’t every celebrity own a Range Rover? Kendall Jenner has one, Zayn Malik has one, and even Justin Bieber owns a Range Rover. Is there anyone in Hollywood who doesn’t have a Range Rover?

Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Kendall Jenner, and Justin Bieber all collect cars. They love to cruise around in vintage convertibles, and incredibly fast European sports cars, but it seems that there are times when virtually every star needs a Range Rover.

Harry Styles rock star, movie star and car collector
Harry Styles by Evan Agostini AP


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Harry Styles has chosen a diverse array of fast, vintage, unique, and practical cars.

[Featured Image by Sergey Kohl/Shutterstock]