What Birmingham, Alabama, Should Expect From Their Newly Elected Mayor, Randall Woodfin [Opinion]

Birmingham Alabama skyline while the sun Is setting

After serving seven years as Birmingham, Alabama’s mayor, William Bell was defeated by Randall Woodfin on Tuesday night. Come November 28, when Woodfin is expected to take office, he will be implementing a slew of progressive movements to better the city.

Rest assured that Woodfin isn’t all talk. In taking one look at his Woodfin Plan, it’s obvious that Randall takes pride in his hometown. Through the implementation of his well-thought-out ideologies, Woodfin hopes to create the non-violent, prosperous city he knows Birmingham to be. From creating Dedicated Area Response Teams (DART) to ensure safety among the city, to upholding traditional school systems for children to prosper academically, Woodfin is taking all the necessary steps to restore pride and security among Birmingham citizens.

Woodfin has also expressed interest in creating outlets that will support minority and women-owned businesses. Woodfin’s knowledge on providing entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to thrive will prove beneficial as Birmingham has been dubbed the “best city in the United States for millennial entrepreneurs.” Perhaps one of Woodfin’s more honorable promises is to establish a sense of equality among the citizens. Through the revisal of the City Human Rights Ordinance, Woodfin hopes to achieve non-discrimination within employment, the general public, and housing.

Woodfin is continually praised by fellow progressives, Bernie Sanders being among one of the more prominent, for not cowering when approached on difficult topics such as crime and poverty. In fact, Sanders took to Twitter to express just how proud he was after Woodfin’s win.

Having served as a prosecutor himself, Woodfin is well aware of just how dangerous the streets of Birmingham can be. After Bell, the city is in dire need of someone who will take on the task of piecing the city back together after having one of their most violent years in 2016.

It’s important to note that Woodfin’s win wasn’t just handed to him. Woodfin worked tirelessly to prove that he would be in service to the people of Birmingham. He knocked on doors, made countless calls, and centered his campaign around “sweat equity.” The citizens of Birmingham can expect Woodfin to carry out this same tenacious behavior during his four years as mayor.

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