‘To Love Honor And Deceive’ With Vanessa Marcil And Thomas Gibson Explores The Marriage Commitment [Opinion]

In To Love Honor and Deceive, Thomas Gibson and Vanessa Marcil portray the perfect couple for about 15 minutes. Suddenly though, there is fear, loss, danger, and psychological horror. An apparent widow’s memories of her husband are not just tarnished but trampled. Then viewers may start to wonder though, is this widow really a widow at all?

To Love Honor and Deceive is a hard look at deception in marriage. So when everything is perfect on the outside, how far should someone go to investigate before making that huge marriage commitment?

To Love Honor and Deceive is an idyllic love story, turned tragedy, and finally turned mystery thriller. It isn’t just a murder mystery either. In many ways, this is a marriage mystery. Who was that man portrayed by Thomas Gibson? Gibson’s character seemed so perfect, but was he?

Vanessa Marcil portrays a woman in love, who suddenly loses everything. She loses her husband, played by Thomas Gibson; her young son; her financial security; and eventually her trust in the man who was once her world.

To Love Honor and Deceive is a powerful mystery thriller about the marriage commitment. How much does one give in a marriage? How much should one trust in a marriage?

Sydney and Matthew Carpenter’s marriage and seemingly intense level of commitment appear ideal. Then crushing doubt crashes into Vanessa Marcil’s world.

To Love Honor and Deceive escapes the chick flick genre quickly. Vanessa Marcil does not portray a weepy hysterical widow. Sydney is a strong woman, reluctant to blame her missing husband. Vanessa Marcil is powerful in her portrayal. This is a mystery thriller, with just a few tearjerker moments and plenty of action.

To Love Honor and Deceive with Thomas Gibson and Vanessa Marcil is available from Amazon on DVD. Variety describes To Love Honor and Deceive as “frustrated” and “scattershot,” but at times it falls more into the “Naked Lunch” territory of a disjointed nightmare, which works surprisingly well to heighten the tension. The audience struggles to determine what is real, as the plot of To Love Honor and Deceive rips the rug from under Vanessa Marcil.

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds
Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds by Peter Kramer Getty

Thomas Gibson and Vanessa Marcil are masterful in their portrayal of this movie made in Charlotte, NC. The real-world location shots lend reality to this movie, giving a solid anchor to To Love Honor and Deceive.

To Love Honor and Deceive goes quickly from the perfect scenario to the perfect storm. Vanessa Marcil loses everything, only to come to doubt she ever had anything at all. Was her marriage a lie? Was her life a lie? Is everything a total loss? Perhaps not.

Thomas Gibson To Love Honor and Deceive
Thomas Gibson by Star Max AP Images


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To Love Honor and Deceive starring Thomas Gibson and Vanessa Marcil is a riveting look at a love and marriage story.

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