Are Michelle Obama And Hillary Clinton Flocking Together Like Birds Of A Feather? [Opinion]

Something is going on between Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, which is blatant enough to have sparked a comment suggesting that the Barack Obama-Joe Biden bromance might have to take a back seat for a while. It looks as if a new “sisterhood” has sprouted out of the ashes of the former Democratic reign in Washington. With Hillary Clinton calling Michelle Obama’s recent words, “music to her heart,” it looks as if a “thriving sisterhood” is blooming between the two former first ladies post-election, suggests Elite Daily.

By now, most people have heard about Michelle Obama stating that the women who voted for Trump “voted against their own voice,” a remark which has prompted scathing comments from women and men nationwide. Fox News host Jeanine Pirro was one of many strong professional women fuming over Michelle Obama’s “condescension” to women, according to Fox News.

Many people applauded Judge Jeanine after slamming Michelle Obama’s remarks, with many commenting they felt the same way as she does.

“To suggest that women are so simple that they vote based on their reproductive organs only – or Madeline Albright saying that there’s a ‘special place in hell’ for women who don’t vote for other women; is just so simplistic it throws us back to the Dark Ages.”

Last week, Michelle Obama had a sit down with Roxane Gay and the topic came around to the 53 percent of women who cast their vote for Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton, according to CNN. Besides Michelle stating that women “voted against their own voice,” she also happened to mention that women voted that way because “you like the thing you’re told to like.” This was another comment that went over like a lead balloon for women and men, whether they voted for Trump or not.


Hillary Clinton recently threw her voice into the conversation and seemed tickled pink about Michelle Obama’s comments. Hillary sang Michelle’s praises when she recently spoke to SiriusXM’s Joe Madison, according to Elite Daily. She said that Michelle “delivered an accurate portrayal of female Trump supporters.”

“I got to tell you what Michelle Obama said the other day just was music to my heart. Because she was her usual, candid, smart self about talking about the pressures that women, white women let’s be clear, white women feel in this past election, but often times, in other settings as well.”


Besides, Michelle giving Hillary one more direction to point her finger of blame when it comes to her election loss, the former Secretary of State seemed to feel like she was just given a sizable compliment from Michelle.


With Michelle’s suggestion, Hillary can add white women who cast a vote for Trump on that list of “what happened” when it came to Hillary losing the election.


Hillary had shared very similar thoughts to Michelle’s comments on women who voted for Trump, while she was out and about promoting her book last month. Elite Daily cites one of those comments from an interview with NPR back in September when the former Secretary of State said the following.

“[Women] will be under tremendous pressure – and I’m talking principally about white women. They will be under tremendous pressure from fathers and husbands and boyfriends and male employers not to vote for ‘the girl.'”

Elite Daily suggests Hillary was blaming the men more than the women with the comment above, after all, it was the men, according to Hillary, who told their women “not to vote for the girl.”

Now that Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton seem to be on the same page when it comes to 53 percent of the female voters in this nation, those 53 percent of women, along with a lot of their family members and friends have much to say. From what social media sites are suggesting, there are some antiquated views being spewed forth here.

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