San Antonio Couple Allegedly Robs Pizza Hut, Brought Their Baby Along With Them [Opinion]

a man allegedly robbed a pizza hut and brought his baby with him

If you’re going to commit armed robbery, you should at least put a little bit of effort into it. At least, that’s the lesson a San Antonio man learned the hard way after allegedly robbing a Pizza Hut with a baby in tow.

As KSAT (San Antonio) reported, Abraham Loftis Acosta failed to think several things through when he allegedly robbed the same Pizza Hut twice in just over a week. For starters, the business he allegedly robbed was right across the street from where he lived; and in fact, witnesses reported him simply walking across the street and into the apartment building where he lived after allegedly robbing the place.

The second mistake he made: he failed to line up child care during his alleged robberies. Police say that on both occasions, Acosta brought a baby along.

On September 19, a man – allegedly Acosta – turned up at the San Antonio Pizza Hut brandishing a shotgun with a red bandana tied to the end of it. Another man, who as of this writing remains unidentified, was with him, pushing a stroller that appeared to have a baby in it. After the robbery, the two men calmly walked across the street into an apartment building.

a san antonio man allegedly robbed a pizza hut with his baby

Just over a week later, the same Pizza Hut was robbed again. In an almost-exact repeat of the first robbery, a man – allegedly Acosta – brandished a gun with a bandana tied around the end and demanded money. Also this time, the man and his accomplice, and a baby in a stroller, calmly walked across the street to their apartment building after the robbery.

This time, however, the robber’s accomplice was a female, identified as Ashley Marie Oseguera, Acosta’s girlfriend.

This time, employees at the apartment building were able to identify Acosta and Oseguera. Police searched the couple’s apartment and found the backpack allegedly used in the robbery, and the stroller, in plain view. Acosta and Oseguera were arrested and charged with aggravated robbery. They remain in the Bexar County Jail on $75,000 bond.

It is not clear, as of this writing, if the baby was Acosta’s and/or Oseguera’s, nor what has become of him or her.

[Featured Image by Tim Boyle/Getty Images]