Donald Trump’s Presidency: An Era Of Conflict With Everyone From North Korea To The NFL? [Opinion]

Donald Trump Presidency

It is less than one year since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency. Trump’s election campaign left many wondering if he was fit for the presidency, and those fears have not gone away. In fact, a poll by Quinnipiac earlier this week revealed that 56 percent of American voters believe that Donald Trump is not “fit to serve as president.” Trump’s record on race relations, his response to the devastation in Puerto Rico, failing to replace the Affordable Care Act, and his use of Twitter are all major factors contributing to Trump’s unpopularity.

Trump’s use of Twitter to attack the media, North Korea, Iran, NFL players, and anyone who disagrees with him is disapproved of by almost 70 percent of voters. Sixty-seven percent believe that president Trump is dishonest.

Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said that the poll showed that voters see Donald Trump as responsible for the “deepening chasm of racial discord” in the USA. Malloy also said that the American people are “weary and wary of the Twitter-happy president’s blizzard of provocative tweets.”

With so many people doubting Trump’s honesty and his fitness for office, CNN claims that Trump’s tax returns are about to come back to haunt him. This claim comes on the back of President Trump’s proposed tax reforms. The Washington Post claims that Trump’s speech in Indianapolis was full of “dubious claims,” inaccuracy, and absurdity. Many others have trashed President Trump’s claims that he would not benefit personally from his proposed tax reform.

Donald Trump Presidency

Even the briefest of scans of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed shows the president to be at war, and Twitter is his weapon of choice. He uses Twitter to attack everyone from North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to the NFL, and the media is one of his favorite targets. Earlier this week, Trump once again accused media networks of being “anti-Trump” and of colluding to spread “fake news” about him.

The Chicago Tribune accuses Trump of being “self-obsessed” and “narcissistic,” and they go on to claim that Trump’s narcissism has begun to affect the entire country. Every news story and its subsequent social media commentary, they claim, comes back to its potential effect on Trump.

They cite the example of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem as a case in point. NFL player Colin Kaepernick was the catalyst for NFL players refusing to stand for the national anthem. He did so before last year’s presidential election, and he made clear that his protest was about the oppression of black people and people of color in the USA. Those NFL players who have taken a knee have made it clear that their protest is about oppression and racial inequality. Yet, Donald Trump has used the issue to make it all about him.

Trump Presidency NFL Protest

Perhaps ironically, Trump seems to be at war with his own administration. As reported by Deadline, former Health Secretary Tom Price is the latest to discover that during Donald Trump’s presidency, no job in government can be regarded as secure. Price may have resigned his position in the wake of the scandal over his chartering aircraft at the taxpayer’s expense, but you can be sure that Trump’s failure to secure support for health care reform was a factor.

Price is just the latest member of Trump’s administration to discover that this president’s White House has been fitted with a revolving door.

Trump’s threats to wipe North Korea off the face of the map has many fearing World War 3. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, both North Korea and Iran responded to Trump’s rhetoric by testing missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload. Trump’s attacks on NFL players led to even more taking a knee. Claims that Trump won’t benefit personally from tax reform have been met with derision and his claims that he has the support to push through his health reforms, “but not today,” are a great example of Trump’s ability to deliver “alternative facts.”

One fact is indisputable, Donald Trump’s presidency will be remembered for the conflict between the president and just about everyone else.

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