‘Dragon Ball Super’ Fan Theory: Vegeta Will Defeat Jiren [Opinion]

Vegeta will step up in 'Dragon Ball Super' 111-113.

Dragon Ball Super fans are eagerly waiting for the battle between Jiren and Goku. Toei Animation has been building up the face-off between the two since the first teaser of the Universe Survival Arc was released earlier this year. However, Vegeta might get his chance to shine and beat Jiren.

Summaries for the 1-hour special have already been released. As expected, Goku and Jiren will finally meet face-to-face in the arena. Both Goku and the fighter from Universe 11 have unfathomable power, as DBS fans all know.

Jiren’s power has somewhat preceded him throughout the arc so far. Avid watchers of the series know that Jiren is more powerful than Toppo, the leader of the Pride Troopers, and speculated to be stronger than the God of Destruction, Belmod.

Meanwhile, Goku’s power is somewhat limitless as he always finds a reserve of strength to win the fight in the end. In the upcoming episodes, there are a lot of speculations that Goku will once again reach a level of unprecedented power never-before-seen in Dragon Ball history.

However, given the way Toei has been proceeding with the show, DB fans might be in for a mind-blowing surprise. So far, Toei seems to be breaking the patterns established in Dragon Ball Z in DBS. For instance, in the last Future Trunks saga, the heroes actually lost, if you think about it. While Zamasu was defeated, Goku and Vegeta could not save Future Trunks’ timeline. It was destroyed.

Along with the summaries of the upcoming episodes, the provisional titles for Episodes 111-113 have also been released, as shown in the official Dragon Ball subreddit. Based on the provisional titles and certain promotions for the show, I theorize that Vegeta will be the one to defeat Jiren, not Goku.

Clue #1: Weekly Shōnen Jump Ad and Toei Website Promotions

Shōnen’s ad focuses on Goku and his new transformation signified through his silver eyes. However, there is one line that stands out in the ad.

“Witness a shock the likes of which has never before been seen in DB history!!!”

Toei’s Website Promotion follows the same tone and subject. A similar line to Shōnen Jump’s ad can be found in Toei’s promotion.

“Unprecedented surprises are in store, so please look forward to it.”

Now any DB fan knows Goku’s usual patterns in a fight. He starts off weaker or equal in power compared to his opponent and eventually reaches an undiscovered level of Super Saiyan. More often than not, after leveling up, Goku defeats the enemy.

Sometimes, it takes a bit more than leveling up for the hero to defeat his opponent. For instance, after transforming to Super Saiyan Blue, Goku was still defeated by Zamasu and Black Goku. In fights like these, Goku’s resolve is as important as his physical strength. In this scenario, only when Goku’s resolve is solidified and strengthened, does he overcome his enemy.

As speculated from the summaries of the upcoming episodes, Goku will reach a new level of power. Shōnen Jump’s ad says as much when telling readers to focus on his silver eyes. However, as discussed earlier, this is nothing new.

Both promotions are hinting at an unprecedented event. So, we have to ask ourselves, “What haven’t we seen in the Dragon Ball Universe before?” One answer comes to mind. We have never seen Vegeta defeat Goku’s opponent.

We’ve seen Goku tap out of the battle, while Vegeta takes over. We’ve even seen the two fuse to defeat formidable opponents. But we have never seen Vegeta defeat an opponent that beat Goku — for the meantime, anyway.

Clue #2: Provisional Titles

The provisional titles for Ep 111-112 are as follows, respectively: “Hit vs. Jiren,” and “Vegeta’s Resolve.”

Episode 111’s title suggests that Goku will not defeat Jiren. At the same time, Episode 112’s title hints that Vegeta is revving up for a fight. Based on DB history, Goku will probably be on the sidelines, powering up to confront Jiren again.

Whether or not the Saiyan prince’s resolve has anything to do with Jiren is unknown. However, Toei has not pulled back any punches, yet. So, Jiren will probably be the man to beat now that we’ve seen him in action. Given all that information and knowing that Goku needs to buy some time, Vegeta will most likely continue his fight with Jiren well into Episode 113, “Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle.”

Clue #3: Character Development

Goku and Jiren have similar characteristics. They are both protagonists or heroes in their respective universes. Take a second to recall all of Goku’s enemies, all the way back to the beginning of Dragon Ball. Our main hero has never fought an opponent with the same traits and values as himself.

As explained before, Goku’s physical power is only as good as his resolve. Jiren, however, is not someone that Goku would want to beat. Our hero knows the stakes of this battle. Given his history, Goku is not the type of character to accept these circumstances, at least not when he could fully comprehend the gravity of the situation.

Toei hinted at this conflict when Gohan defeated Universe 10’s champion. Both Gohan and his father are built to be protagonists or heroes. The last moments of Episode 103 somewhat foreshadows what could happen if Goku defeats Jiren.

So, it all boils down to resolve, which is why Vegeta is the perfect character to defeat Jiren. He is an antihero. He can be selfish and self-serving. Other than himself, he cares about his family, and to an extent his friends, including Goku and his family.

Vegeta’s entire history seems to be leading up to this moment. Frieza killed all the Saiyans on his home planet. Universe 7 is now his new home, where Bulma, Kid Trunks, and now his newborn daughter, Bulla, live. His only friends in the entire multiverse are in Universe 7. This is at the core of Vegeta’s resolve.

Vegeta is the one character that can cross that line. He can bear Jiren’s world erased to save his own, and he would not hesitate one bit.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]