‘The Kennedys Of Massachusetts’: An Amazing Production Featuring Thomas Gibson [Videos] [Opinion]

Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy

The Kennedys of Massachusetts was one of the most spectacular productions ever put together for a TV miniseries. Not only did the ABC miniseries feature a handsome young Thomas Gibson, but over 2,000 extras and background artists worked in the larger than life Kennedys film, according to IMDb.

John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and their siblings are portrayed in a realistic and intimate manner in The Kennedys of Massachusetts. The entire Kennedy family, friends, and political rivals are included in this massive production, each masterfully portrayed by a talented cast.

While The Kennedys of Massachusetts aired in 1990, it remains very popular, and fans want a new release on DVD. The film is a rare find, even on VHS. However, the entire miniseries is available for viewing on YouTube in the digital videos below.

Rose Kennedy and Joseph P. Kennedy’s life together, and the lives of their children, are portrayed in detail in The Kennedys of Massachusetts. The miniseries plot chronicles 55-years of Kennedy family history, and is based on the book by Doris Kearns Goodwin, titled The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys according to OV Guide.

The Kennedys of Massachusetts begins with an opening scene on the beach in 1906, complete with period style swimsuits. From the beginning, and throughout the full runtime of 278 minutes, The Kennedys of Massachusetts is an amazing and historically accurate production.

The Kennedys of Massachusetts miniseries earned an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and many five-star reviews, both at the time and recently. It is a treasured classic that could be re-released on DVD.

John F. Kennedy is portrayed as a war hero and a real human being, much more than as an idealized President of the United States in The Kennedys of Massachusetts. The family’s early life is the focus. The assassination is not part of this film, which goes only to John F. Kennedy’s election.

Robert Kennedy brother of John F. Kennedy

The John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy assassinations were two of the darkest day in American History, so why relive that? Instead, The Kennedys of Massachusetts focuses on family life, politics, and service to one’s country.

1937 Joseph Patrick Kennedy and wife Rose Kennedy with children From left Edward, Jeanne, Robert, Patricia, Eunice, Kathleen, Rosemary and John F Kennedy


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The Kennedys of Massachusetts is a celebration of life, not devoted to the death of Robert Kennedy or John F. Kennedy, but the spirit of the entire Kennedy family.

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