Jerry Jones And Dallas Cowboys’ National Anthem Protest Was A Perfect Medium [Opinion]

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys took on the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night in the last game of an eventful week in the NFL. National anthem protests were the talk of the week, with many players kneeling, locking arms, and some even staying back in the locker room. There were quite a few differing opinions, with a lot of arguing among Americans.

While the majority of the NFL bonded together against President Donald Trump’s comments against protesting the anthem, there were quite a few fans that took offense to the displays of protest.

Perhaps the most aggressive display of protest was Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers keeping their entire team in the tunnel. The entire team, that is, except for Alejandro Villanueva, who came out of the tunnel to participate fully in the national anthem. Villanueva received a round of applause from many Americans, although he did not receive a lot of happiness from Tomlin.

Fast forward to Monday night, where the Cowboys decided to do things a little different. Jones, his players, as well as his coaches took a knee prior to the anthem. They then stood back up and locked arms while the anthem played.

Not only was that the perfect way to handle the situation, but it was also a perfect medium between the two sides.

Many Americans took offense to kneeling during the national anthem due to the perceived “disrespect” that it showed towards our military and those troops who have given their lives to protect the country. On the flipside, the players are looking for change in the perceived systemic racism that they are protesting.

Arguing is not going to solve the issue. Finding middle ground between the two sides and coming together as one nation is the way that our country must go moving forward.

Dallas was able to show the peaceful protest that has been on the hearts and minds of NFL players across the board, while also showing respect to the American flag and anthem. It is an example that other teams around the NFL should follow. Jones and his franchise may very well have found the middle ground that this nation needs.

Unfortunately, division within the country is at an all-time high. That is not due to one party, but rather due to the arguments that us, as citizens, are having with one another. It is time to stop blaming one president or sport for the division that our country is facing and instead take some of the blame on ourselves.

Heading into Week 4, hopefully, the NFL will take a lesson from the Cowboys’ protest. There will likely be some that will continue kneeling during the anthem, but staying within the parameters that the Cowboys have set forth as a perfect example might just put an end to the bickering and arguing.

Thank you to Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys for coming up with the perfect balance between protesting a serious issue in our country and continuing to show respect to those that continue to fight for our freedom to exercise the right to have peaceful protests.

Do you think the Dallas Cowboys’ protest was a good way for NFL teams to continue forward with their protests? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

[Featured Image by Matt York/AP Images]