Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Camera, S Pen, And Battery Life [Opinion]

S Pen for Galaxy Note 8

Samsung had a disastrous year in 2017 due to the Galaxy Note 7 exploding in people’s hands. The main purpose of the Galaxy Note 8 is to make the Note line relevant again, and Samsung has certainly succeeded.

In a previous opinion piece on the Inquisitr, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design, screen, and performance were reviewed. It was noted how the Note 8 design was similar to that of the Galaxy S8+ with the exception of squared-off corners.

Let’s take a look at some other features that differentiate Samsung’s phablet from other devices.


Last year, the dual-lens camera on the iPhone 7 Plus took the crown as the best smartphone camera as it was the first to offer 2X optical zoom. The dual-camera lens on the Galaxy Note 8 rivals that of the iPhone 7 Plus, but perhaps not the iPhone 8 Plus (more on that in another article).

The Note 8’s 12MP dual cameras allow for an artificial depth-of-field effect by making the background blurry. However, your subjects are always in full focus. This is what Samsung refers to as “Live Focus.” You can choose the amount of blur you want on the background. And if you don’t like the amount of blur, you can change it afterwards.

Samsung’s cameras have always been better for taking 4K videos since their devices have stereo microphones. The depth of stereo sound on the Galaxy Note 8 is pretty breathtaking and at times, listening with headphones to recorded clips reveals an audio depth never hears on any smartphone.

S Pen

This is the feature that differentiates the Note 8 from the Galaxy S8+, the iPhone 8 Plus, and all the other huge-sized smartphones on the market. With the exception of the Apple Pencil, the new S Pen provides the most realistic writing experience you can have. Samsung has added a finer point for inking, and the Note 8 allows for more pressure sensitivity on various apps.

Samsung has also updated their note-taking software, which is now called Samsung Notes. This allows for longer, unlimited notes — sort of like Microsoft’s OneNote. If you take the S Pen out while the screen is off, you can still write white-colored electronic notes on the screen and save them for later. This comes in really handy when you really need to jot something down fast.

Battery Life

Galaxy Note 8 Battery

Samsung included a 3,500mAh battery with the Galaxy S8+, and it provided the best battery life that has ever been seen on a smartphone. Even though the Note 8 takes up more power, it has a reduced 3,300mAh battery. This is the perfect example of Samsung playing it safe to make sure that none of their smartphones blow up again.

However, there is a noticeable battery life hit when comparing the Note 8 with last year’s recalled Note 7. Still, most users could get by for a full day without having to recharge their smartphones. To be on the safe side, all users should charge their Note 8 devices overnight.


The iPhone X is all the rage right now, but the Galaxy Note 8 may be a great alternative. Samsung doesn’t have as much hype going for their brand as Apple has been able to generate, but with the Galaxy Note 8, they have built a device that lives up to its promise. If the iPhone X doesn’t live up to the astronomical hype, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be waiting in the wings.

[Featured Image by Daryl Deino]