Halloween Haunting: Does Video Show Young Girl Terrorized By Demonic Doll And Ghost? [Opinion]

Halloween is right around the corner and a video is going viral as it possibly shows a young girl being terrorized by a demonic doll and a ghost, as reported by the Mirror. The video resembles something you would see in a horror movie and is causing mixed reactions. Some feel the scary video is a fake, while others say it is a good example of what happens if a house is haunted or possessed by demons. You can see the video below.

The video was first posted on the Samhain Baucogna YouTube channel before going viral. In the first portion, you can see a little girl who is sitting on the floor playing with dolls, when her doll in the background blinks and then moves its head.

The video then switches to a later time when the girl is coloring on a table. She becomes terrified when papers start moving by themselves. She leaves and the activity apparently settles down. When the little girl returns to the room, the action begins again. She runs away and the table begins to move by itself. Though the video looks scary, some are convinced it simply isn’t real.

Some people think the girl is actually very calm for a child who is terrorized by a demon or ghost. Because of her reaction, they think the video is staged and that she truly wasn’t scared. Though the video has been reported by various news outlets, the original source hasn’t been confirmed.

It is believed that a man set up a nanny cam or webcam to film his daughter as she was having some unexplained issues and became fearful. The little girl appears scared when in the second portion of the video she was coloring. The family’s name and the little girl’s age is unknown.

Some have suggested that the video is fake and was filmed with some form of stop motion. Others think strings were attached to the objects and then someone pulled the strings. It is possible that strings were attached to the doll, and then pulled to make it look like the doll was haunting the girl.

What do you think? Do you think the video is real or fake?


[Featured Image by Tolikoff Photography/Shutterstock]