Melania Trump Bombarded For ‘Unflattering’ Suit, Prince Harry’s Demeanor Used To Slam First Lady [Opinion]

Melania Trump and Prince Harry met before the Invictus Games in Toronto this weekend, and some of the headlines swayed drastically away from the point that Melania and Harry took time out from their busy daily lives to support this cause. The American first lady and the British prince posed for photos ahead of the games, and those pictures are receiving a lot of attention online today, the kind of attention that many find just awful. Neither Melania nor Harry have commented on these claims so far, but they might find the claims are so outrageous that it is best to ignore them.

Melania Trump wore a suit that sparked unflattering comments online, such as, “Melania, honey, whatever you paid for that suit was too much. It’s very unflattering,” as seen in an article from Jezebel. Another person commenting on the suit donned by the first lady accused Melania’s stylist of going against the Trump family after dressing her in an outfit described by many as “unflattering.”

It seems that people online took the liberty of suggesting Prince Harry offered a cryptic message with a hand gesture, which was meant to “ward off evil.” Considering that Melania was standing next to him at the time, this was a dig at the first lady.

This rumor came about after the prince slipped his hand inside his jacket and supposedly formed some type of symbol with his fingers. Most people didn’t see Harry doing anything else but finding a place to rest his hand while posing for pictures. It seems with Melania by his side, critics took his generic and gentleman-like behavior, and suddenly turned it into the same type of criticism the first family endures daily.

Many people came out in defense of both Melania and Prince Harry, blasting the comments that attacked these two people while undertaking nothing more than a good deed. The Invictus Games are the brainchild of Harry, who stays very involved in this charity. These games are made up of different sports competitions for the wounded or injured armed services personnel and veterans, according to the Invictus website. They are very similar to the Wounded Warriors Games that have become popular in the United States.

Melania, who has become somewhat of a fashion icon since she was swept up into the Washington scene, donned an outfit yesterday that probably wasn’t her finest look since becoming a symbol for fashion, some of her supporters suggested. The skirt looked like a throwback to the gaucho-like apparel, which was popular in the 1970s, and she wore it with a matching short jacket. Neither piece did much to flatter Melania’s svelte figure, some complained, but she still looked as beautiful as ever. The Express critiqued Melania’s look as a “fashion fail.”

When it came to Melania’s suit, which carried the Dior label, people were relentless about it being one of the most unflattering outfits she’s worn in public yet.

A comment from the article published by the Express said, “Sorry, but the suit really was dreadful. The angle on these photos make it look slightly better than on the video I saw earlier, but not enough to redeem it and make it wearable. Everything was wrong about the outfit, despite it being Dior.”

People literally picked apart Melania and tried to offer up the impression that Harry was doing the same thing. The Express article said the “oversize power suit” made Melania look “frumpy.” The suit gave Melania an “unflattering shape,” they suggested, “despite being an incredibly beautiful pattern.”

An earlier article from the Inquisitr explained how a body language expert saw Prince Harry’s hand gestures when meeting with Melania.

The Sun reports that Harry “appeared to force a smile” when meeting Melania Trump. They report that Melania “smiled warmly, but that forced smile on Harry’s face “dropped as he turned away from the cameras.” Overall, many of the comments weren’t very kind to Melania Trump and, for that matter, Prince Harry.

Some comments had Harry warding off evil with a hand gesture and forcing smiles on account of the meeting he had with Melania, basically blaming his uneasy demeanor on the presence of Melania Trump. Prince Harry wasn’t the target of the insults, it seemed as if Melania Trump was in the scope for the majority of the critiquing of the photos they took together. It appeared Harry was just used by the critics as just another vessel to deliver nasty comments online.

The nasty comments didn’t go past some of Melania supporters online, like the ones below.

“So not a mention or any pictures of a single competitor.” (The Sun)

“Not fair for people to have a go at Melania, she’s suffered enough.” (The Sun)

“God Bless Harry and Melania for the work they are doing to honor veterans around the world.” (The Inquisitr)

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