Review: Apple Watch Series 3 Doesn’t Work As Advertised [Opinion]

Apple Watch Cellular

The Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE capabilities looks great on paper. For the first time, it appears that one can easily abandon their iPhone but still receive phone calls, text messages, and emails. One could even turn their Apple Watch into a standalone GPS system. However, as many (but not all) who purchased the new smartwatch are finding out, the new Apple Watch may have been too good to be true. MacRumors was the first website to discuss the problems. The Inquisitr also detailed the problems people are having along with some possible solutions in a previous article.

However, the new Apple Watch certainly isn’t a complete dud. It is faster, more accurate, and offers even more features than the original Watch or the Apple Watch Series 2. For example, with watchOS 4, you can play all the music from your Apple Music library on the new Apple Watch though the cloud. This is especially useful when you go to the gym and want to leave your iPhone in your car. If you use Spotify or Google Music, you’re out of luck. But that may change in the near future.

Using the new Watch as an exercise tracker is more useful, especially since the GPS can track your steps without being tethered to the iPhone. You can also track your heart rate more accurately with new graphs. The Watch now tracks your calories more accurately, but you’ll still question the amount of calories the Watch says you burned in certain situations.

Problems with Apple Watch

But no matter how capable Apple’s latest smartwatch is, it should not be seen as a mini iPhone. It still doesn’t have a camera or an internet browser. You can’t check out the latest stories on the Inquisitr with Apple’s latest smartwatch, and you can’t tweet. You can answer emails using your voice, which then translates to text. The voice recognition is excellent, and this author finds that 99 percent of the time, even long passages translate perfectly to text.

You’ll be able to (almost) perfectly respond to text messages as well, as long as your iPhone is tethered to your Watch. However, this author hasn’t been able to send or receive text messages since activating the Watch on T-Mobile this past Friday. Actually, getting the Watch’s cellular capabilities to work has been a nightmare.

Despite spending more than two hours with two T-Mobile representatives, the Watch wasn’t even able to make cellular phone calls. Only after the Apple Watch was completely unpaired, reset, and paired with the iPhone as a new Watch (not a backup of previous one) did phone calls finally work. But these days, messages are more important than phone calls for many. For now, the Apple Watch is incomplete without a standalone instant message solution.

It’s not clear whether the issues lie with Apple or with the carriers. It’s probably a combination of inadequacy that is surprising, especially since Apple products are known to launch with very few hitches. Right now, the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE can’t be recommended, but that may change in the near future once issues are worked out.

[Featured Image by Daryl Deino]