‘7 Little Johnsons’: How Much Money Does The Family Make For Their Popular Show? A Lot – Probably [Opinion]

how much money do the 7 little johnstons make

How much money do the Johnston family of the popular TLC series 7 Little Johnstons make? That’s the question that’s been on some fans’ minds, but unfortunately, the answer is hard to nail down.

But it’s likely quite a bit.

As In Touch Weekly reports, there’s no telling exactly how much the family earns, because the details of their contracts haven’t been made public. That means that the remainder of this post is mostly speculation, mixed with a few known facts.

However, reality producer Terence Michael reveals that families who star in reality TV shows – families such as the Roloffs of Little People, Big World, or the Duggars of Counting On – make about 10 percent of a show’s budget. Michael guesses that the budget of 7 Little Johnstons is in the neighborhood of $250,000 to $400,000 per episode. That works out to $25,000-40,000 per episode. In an 18-episode season, that’s $450,000-720,000. That’s pretty good money.

Of course, the family’s agent will want a cut, as will Uncle Sam. But still, even after everyone other than the Johnstons have taken their share, the family is still making solidly upper-middle-class money.

Still, as the Inquisitr reported yesterday, family patriarch Tyler Johnston still has his day job as a groundskeeper.

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So why would a man who’s bringing in between a half and three-quarters of a million annually from a reality TV show keep a day job that undoubtedly involves being outside in the heat and cold? Well, there may be several reasons.

For example, health insurance benefits. Like most Americans, Tyler Johnson likely gets his and his family’s health insurance through his job. Without an employer-provided policy, he’d likely be forced to buy an insurance policy off-the-shelf. Considering his and his family’s known health issues, any insurance policy would likely be prohibitively expensive, even considering the money he’s making from the show.

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Another reason could be that his contract requires him to keep his day job. After all, the Johnstons want to be seen as a “normal” family in every sense of the word, apart from their dwarfism. Showing Tyler doing mundane things like going to work and dealing with job issues helps paint him as a regular guy.

Or, he could just be thinking of the future. 7 Little Johnstons isn’t going to be on TV forever, and at some point, that sweet reality TV money is going to dry up. He’ll still need a job once he cashes his final check, so he’s keeping the job he had before he started the show.

7 Little Johnstons airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on TLC.

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