Jay Leno’s $500,000 2017 Ford GT [Opinion]

2017 Ford GT owned by Jay Leno

Jay Leno spent $500,000 for his Ford GT. This hand-built Ford beauty, surprisingly, features a V-6 engine, but it is no ordinary V-6. This limited edition GT puts out 647 horsepower, making it the most powerful V-6 engine ever produced according to Leno. The GT can reach speeds of 216 miles per hour.

“It’s a race car for the streets … it feels like a racecar. It drives like a racecar. It handles like a racecar. “

Buying a 2017 Ford GT is quite a process. Jay Leno had to fill out a stack of forms just to apply to get one. The car was designed in absolute secrecy and only unveiled after completed. Leno was lucky to get number 12, of this limited edition supercar.

Jay Leno says it is a “four valve twin cam V-6 twin turbo” with exotic aerodynamics. Jay says the seats in his GT are more comfortable than his Mclaren P1. However, the seats of the 2017 Ford GT are closer together to put the weight of the driver and passenger in the center. This makes the car handle better according to Leno.

The 2017 Ford GT weighs a little over 3,000 pounds. The GT body is made entirely of carbon fiber according to Ford’s website. Jay explained even the wheels are carbon fiber.

Jay Leno is proud because a 2017 Ford GT was a winner in the 24 Hour Le Mans race this year. It was an amazing victory according to Performance Ford, blowing away some of the most amazingly fast and expensive competition in the world. It’s quite an accomplishment for Ford.

The Ford GT has a hydraulic lift, which means it lifts up quickly to go uphill. The body raises two inches to avoid scraping the bottom of the splitter. Sadly, Jay Leno’s GT has the world’s smallest trunk. The trunk space is very small because that V-6 engine is in the back, so to check the oil, one opens the trunk.

2017 Ford GT rear view

Jay Leno points out that the Ford GT requires a nearly 14-quart oil change. That’s a lot of oil for a V-6, but it keeps that amazing 647 horsepower engine cool. Even in the Los Angeles summer heat, Jay’s limited edition supercar doesn’t run hot.

The 2017 Ford GT has a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. Jay Leno says it’s “great fun to drive.” The gullwing-style doors, however, seem to be a challenge to get into on such a low to the ground car. Jay seems to have a bit of difficulty.

Still, Jay Leno says the aerodynamic chassis is the best feature.

“The most incredible chassis I think ever put in a modern automobile.”

2017 Ford GT in red

Jay Leno appreciates the simplicity of the instrumentation, the ease of operation, the incredible speed, and the exciting sound of the 2017 Ford GT. He’s excited to own and to drive a limited edition GT.

2017 Ford GT that won Le Mans


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Jay Leno is proud of his 2017 Ford GT.

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