Is Meghan Markle Doing The Same Dance As Kate In The Name Of Preparation? [Opinion]

Meghan Markle is tiding things up on this side of the Atlantic Ocean in preparation for her move to the U.K. to be nearer to Prince Harry. The latest reports say her contract for Suits is up in December and she’s given up the lease for her Audi before it actually ran out, according to the Celebrity Insider.

While Meghan is preparing to move closer to Harry, as long-distance relationships don’t seem to be the ideal foundation for two people in love, there’s probably a lot more she needs to do in London when she arrives. That is if her relationship with Harry will eventually include marriage.

To become William’s princess, Kate Middleton needed to learn how to do many things the “proper” way. According to the Daily Mail from an archived article, Kate was taught how to do everything from greeting a foreign dignitary to the proper way for a royal to eat a grape.

Although Meghan and Harry are not engaged yet, all the signs seem to point to that day coming sooner rather than later. Should Meghan expect to follow in Kate’s footsteps and learn the royal protocols in the days leading up to her wedding if she does become engaged to Prince Harry, or maybe more like when?

When Kate Middleton married Prince William, she had already been schooled in the royal protocol and given lessons by a trusted mentor of the royal family. He is the same mentor who worked with both William and Harry as they became young men and formed their own private office back in 2009. Following his mentorship with the two princes, he then moved on to mentor Kate.


While it is not known if this is in the cards for Meghan, it wasn’t all that long ago that Kate Middleton, as a future bride, was mentored on a variety of subjects before she even picked out the fabulous wedding gown that has become an icon today. Sir David Manning was appointed by the queen to mentor Kate before she married William.

At the time Kate was assigned to this trusted royal insider and the queen’s main objective was to guard against making the same mistake with Kate that the royal family did with Princess Diana. It seems Diana often expressed how she wasn’t prepared for the royal life and felt rather thrust into it, according to an archived article from the Telegraph.

Sir David Manning is the former British ambassador to the United States and has taken on mentoring the younger generation of the royal family. He mentored Kate on a variety of subjects, both in state and foreign matters.


Back when Kate was still engaged, she embarked on all these lessons from a variety of people, not just Sir Manning. She was thought to be “posh,” but not “aristocracy” because she didn’t grow up as a royal. The same holds true for Meghan Markle when it comes to her upbringing. Both women are elegant with or without royal influence, but it was that aristocrat dimension that the royals were going for with these lessons for Kate.


From walking, sitting, and standing, Kate was shown the correct way things are done within the royal family. Table etiquette and table manners were something Kate’s parents surely taught her, but etiquette for the royals when it comes to the purpose of eating is like your regular etiquette on steroids. From the way you cut your food to the size of the pieces you put in your mouth, it is all very calculated.

Kate did prepare before becoming one of the royal family members, and if Meghan Markle is to become Harry’s wife, most would expect she’d be at least asked to participate in being mentored somewhat just to prepare her for the life of a royal, which can be grueling at times.

With Meghan taking the giant step of changing her address to another country, these lessons might be in the works already. Much of the time Kate participated in these sessions and while she was being mentored, it was done under wraps. Not much was known about it at the time. It wasn’t until after she was married that the full scope of her preparation for the royal family was revealed.

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