Is Anna Duggar’s Life A Nightmare? Some Observers Think She’s Unhappy And Trapped [Opinion]

Is Anna Duggar's life a nightmare from which she can't escape?

Anna Duggar is unhappy in her marriage, but is “trapped” in a “nightmare” from which she may never escape, according to some observers.

In Touch Weekly writer Tiffany White writes that no one has suffered more in the wake of Josh Duggar’s cheating and molestation scandal than Anna. White’s observation makes sense, too: just about any married woman would be devastated to learn, in the space of a few weeks as Anna did, that her husband was both a criminal who molested his own underage sisters, and then cheated on her.

For Anna, it was all made worse by the fact that the drama played out publicly, in front of millions of TV viewers and celebrity gossip readers.

Many women, in such a situation, would consider divorce. However, it appears that’s not an option for Anna Duggar.

For one thing, she married into a strict religious family, one that considers divorce a cardinal sin. And while Josh was in Illinois doing “rehab” for his “sins,” Anna and her kids were left living with the Duggars in their Arkansas home.

As White writes, that situation would have been far from ideal.

“[It’s] a scenario I often thinking about in my worst nightmares.”

If she didn’t find any sympathy from Jim Bob’s family, it should hardly come as a surprise. In fact, so beaten down was Anna by the Duggars’ strict, anti-woman culture that, as The Daily Mail reported in 2015, Anna partially blamed herself for Josh’s shenanigans.

Even if she did find the courage to leave Josh – and in the process, taking her children from their father – there are the not-insignificant problems of where to go or what to do. Her own parents back in Florida are said to be even more strict than the Duggars, and she would likely find herself disowned if she ever divorces Josh.

Lacking any support from her ex’s family or her own family, how would Anna support herself? Her education consists of completing a religious home-school course (instead of an actual high school diploma), and she has no education post-high school. She also lacks marketable job skills.

In other words, she’s essentially trapped.

As White writes, as sad as the situation may be, Anna is likely better off with Josh than without him.

“If she leaves, look at everything she stands to lose: her friends, her family, her church. All the things that, let’s be honest, define her as a human being. One cheating husband doesn’t get to magically take it all away, which is why she’s ‘stuck.’ And as much I would love to personally free her from Josh or her inevitable future being Michelle No. 2, it looks like Anna’s life is one she can’t run away from.”

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