Is It Just Me Or Did Amy Roloff Get Just One Social Media Greeting For Her Birthday? [Opinion]

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff celebrated her birthday last Sunday. Over the course of the weekend, the Roloff matriarch went on a pre-birthday date for a little celebration with her friends. Amy also enjoyed a warm greeting from daughter-in-law Tori Roloff, who posted a shout-out to the matriarch on her Instagram Story. Apart from Tori’s well-wishes, however, it seems like Amy’s greetings from her immediate family stopped there.

When Tori’s birthday greeting to Amy was posted this past weekend, many members of the LPBW community speculated that other members of the Roloff family would soon follow suit, as noted in an InTouch Weekly report. After all, Amy is one of the core members of the Roloff family, and she is arguably one of the people who kept Roloff Farms, the family’s most iconic property, running for years.

Unfortunately for Amy Roloff, however, it seems like her daughter-in-law’s greeting was the only social media shout-out she would receive during her special day. Her ex-husband Matt’s Facebook and Instagram pages were pretty dormant during the weekend. Jacob Roloff, her youngest child, also did not post any public greetings to his mom on her birthday.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff mostly kept their silence about Amy’s birthday in their social media pages too. During the weekend, the reality TV couple were quite active on Facebook and Instagram, updating their followers on their current situation after baby Ember Jean Roloff’s birth. The couple’s Shop Always More and Beating 50 Percent pages were also updated consistently during the past few days.

Despite these, however, Amy was not mentioned by the couple at all, much less her birthday celebration. Monday came and went, and still, there were no public greetings for the Roloff matriarch.

At this point, and speaking as a fan of Little People, Big World, I can’t help but wonder — Is there something going on in Roloff Farms that involves some family members distancing themselves from Amy?

Amy Roloff is one of the most important members of the family, being responsible for raising her children and keeping the family businesses running. She’s a loving mother, who dotes not only on her children but on her grandchildren as well. Overall, Amy is a pretty awesome woman, and I can’t help but feel like she deserved more than the single social media shout-out she received during the past weekend.

As for Tori, she continues to be a darling. Being the only one who publicly greeted Amy on her special day, she and Zach came across as the only members of the family who actually took the time to say a few nice words to the Roloff matriarch on her birthday. For her shout-out to Amy, Tori proved once again that she is remarkable and down-to-earth.

Of course, there could be many reasons behind the lack of Amy’s public birthday greetings on the family’s social media pages last weekend. Amy could have asked everyone not to post anything about her birthday. She could have requested that her celebration be kept as private as possible, too. Regardless of the actual reasons, however, I just can’t help but feel a bit for Amy.

What do you think about the general lack of public social media greetings that Amy received on her birthday? Do you think Amy requested the family not to post anything on her special day? Do you think Matt, Jeremy, Audrey, and Jacob just had a private celebration with the Roloff matriarch last Sunday? Sound off in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]