Donald Trump Golf Ball GIF Showing Him Hitting Hillary Roundly Criticized For Blatant ‘Misogyny’ [Opinion]

Donald Trump golf ball GIF reeks of misogyny

It appears Donald Trump’s uncanny ability to hurl ridiculous — even childish — insults at his political opponents through his Twitter account is not something which can be simply wished away.

Early on Sunday morning, as the president often does with his time at the crack of dawn or late nights, Trump went on a blustering Twitter spree, mocking North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in response to North Korea’s repeatedly provocative actions of testing missiles over Japan, endorsing Bill Schuette for the governor of Michigan, and retweeting a doctored GIF showing him hitting Hillary Clinton with a swing of his golf club. The latter tweet immediately went on to draw a lot of ire from Democrats and Republicans alike, who have long been hoping that Donald Trump’s affinity for Twitter insults against his ideological and political detractors will eventually fade away owing to the seriousness of his office.

But that definitely does not seem to be the case as Trump approaches his eighth month in office, with the president only showing more signs of being vindictive and outright puerile with some of his tweets. Trump’s golf ball GIF, which was initially shared by the handle @fuctupmind, shows Donald Trump’s golf swing juxtaposed with Hillary Clinton stumbling as she ascends a flight of stairs on an airplane.

You can see Donald Trump’s golf ball tweet below.

The handle that originally posted the GIF has a history of sharing pro-Trump messages and degrading tweets about Muslims, Jews, and transgenders. BuzzFeed reported that a blatantly anti-Semitic message shared by the handle last November has been removed since it drew the attention of news corporations after Donald Trump’s sharing of the golf ball GIF.

Not surprisingly, lawmakers came down heavily on the president, with Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman of California saying that “retweeting this kind of misogynistic video might be below the standards of even this President,” as reported by The Hill.

Former Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub went on to report Donald Trump’s GIF to Twitter, arguing that it violated the micro-blogging site’s rules of conduct.

“The President of the United States just retweeted a video vignette that imagines him assaulting his political rival. The man is unfit,” he wrote.

Not only lawmakers, but women journalists tired of Donald Trump’s disregard for women on social platforms also criticized the president. Heidi Stevens of the Chicago Tribune went so far as to suggest that women lawmakers in the Congress must refuse to work with Trump unless he apologizes and disavows the creators of the GIF. She even created a template letter for women in Congress, urging them to sign it and send it to the White House. You can read the letter here.

While Donald Trump had recently been quiet about his antagonism with Hillary Clinton, it appears to have been stoked in part by Clinton’s recent book, What Happened, where she looked back at the 2016 presidential elections and the probable reasons that led to the election of Trump despite losing the popular vote.

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