Jay Leno Meets Transformers Bumblebee Camaro [Opinion]

Transformers Bumblebee 2017

Jay Leno introduces the famous Transformers Bumblebee Camaro to a sweet little fan in the video below. This yellow Chevy is now a huge star since the 2017 Camaro’s debut in Transformers: The Last Night.

The 2017 Camaro in Transformers: The Last Night features a 6.2-liter V-8 engine and 465 horsepower according to Jay Leno, who didn’t go into much detail on Jay Leno’s Garage. However, according to Motor Authority, this Bumblebee is a sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro, wearing a new body kit with pronounced spoilers.

Sadly, Jay Leno’s friend, the gorgeous yellow 2017 SS Camaro, will not be portraying the title role in a new Transformers Bumblebee movie coming out next year. It’s a shame the 2017 SS won’t be around to play the title role, but Transformers Bumblebee is a prequel, so he will not be the same car. Not at all.

The Transformers next Bumblebee will be a Volkswagen Beetle, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Since the film is set in 1987 and the Transformers’ purpose is to blend into society by posing as a car, it would hardly make sense if Bumblebee were a 2017 Chevrolet in 1987, but why not a classic Camaro from the ’60s or ’70s?

It seems the Transformers Bumblebee began his life as a Volkswagen Beetle in the 1980s cartoon, according to Screen Rant. A far cry from the yellow Camaro Jay Leno was admiring, the Volkswagen Beetle was most closely aligned with Bumblebee’s persona, at least according to Screen Rant, but the bright yellow star of the Transformers franchise has taken many forms over his life as an Autobot.

The Transformers Bumblebee has been a Suzuki Swift Sport for a Japanese toy line and an AMC Pacer in G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers crossover comic. He was once a Supermini police car in the Transformers animated series. He’s been a Chrysler ME 421 concept car as well as the fictional Urbana 500 muscle car.

Bumblebee was always a Camaro in the Transformers movies though. In the first Transformers live action film, made in 2007, Bumblebee was a 1976 Camaro before transforming himself into a fifth-generation Camaro concept car. It would be two more years before the fifth generation Camaros were available for purchase.

Watch Jay Leno drive this Transformers Bumblebee on Jay Leno’s Garage.

Bumblebee was a production version of the 2009 fifth-generation Camaro in the 2009 sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Bumblebee was a 2011 SS Camaro. But in Transformers: Age of Extinction in addition to the fifth generation Camaro of that year, Bumblebee took the form of a 1967 Camaro SS. That was certainly awesome.

First Bumblebee 1976 Camaro

So what happened to the 1967 SS Camaro that portrayed Bumblebee in Transformers 4? That beauty sold at auction for $167,200. The 1967 Bumblebee Camaro featured an LS3 engine and a six-speed gearbox, according to Motor Authority.

The 1967 Bumblebee Camaro was, if you remember, aggressively restyled but that isn’t all. That customized 1967 has a custom suspension system, coupled with Wilson brakes and a special rear brake caliper used for sliding stunts. Jay Leno would have loved that.

The Transformers Bumblebee has done a lot to promote the Chevrolet Camaro. General Motors has even seen a 10 percent spike in the sale of yellow Camaros since their debut in Transformers films.

Bumblebee at a car show in 2008


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Jay Leno’s Garage hosted the Transformer 2017 SS Camaro which will reign as the current Bumblebee until December 2018 when Bumblebee becomes a VW Beetle.

Will the Transformers Bumblebee’s transformation into a Volkswagen impact Chevrolet Camaro sales in 2019?

[Featured Image by Amnaj Tandee/Shutterstock]