Kenneka Jenkins Story Unanswered Questions, And The Black Lives Matter Element [Opinion]

Kenneka Jenkins death was a tragic loss to close friends and family, with the world now watching every development concerning the case. Her death has sparked more questions than answers with the videos uploaded on social media by her friends, on the night she went missing, seemingly adding to the controversy, and not much to the story. The following are some of the unanswered questions regarding her death.

Who Booked The Hotel Room

There are numerous controversies surrounding the party Kenneka Jenkins attended at the Rosemont Crowne Plaza Hotel, and one of those is how the room was booked. Up to now, no significant headway has been made in establishing the persons who paid for it, as the card used was reportedly acquired through identity theft.

Foul Play At The Party

Social media has been abuzz with speculation and theories of foul play at the party that Kenneka Jenkins attended, with everything from the drink she was holding to background sounds in videos being heavily scrutinized. The authorities have, however, stated that her case is being treated as a death investigation and not a murder investigation as there has been no conclusive evidence indicating otherwise.

Latest Videos Show Her Disorientated

In videos uploaded on social media, uploaded by her friends at the party, Kenneka Jenkins looks sober. But in a hotel video released by the police, she can be seen stumbling across hallways alone. She clearly has no sense of balance and can barely walk. The time difference between the clips is only about one and a half hours.


Walking Into The Freezer

Police reports indicate that there is sufficient evidence indicating that Kenneka Jenkins walked into the hotel’s freezer alone. This in particular rules out the notion that she may have been coerced. No other persons were seen in the areas she was tottering across. However, one of the main questions that her family members have asked is, why the hotel didn’t go through footage soon after she was reported missing.


The Black Lives Matter Situation

According to Kenneka Jenkins mother, Tereasa Martin, went to search for her daughter at the hotel after she went missing, but the police and hotel staff declined to carry out a search for hours. This event made some protesters to take it as a racial issue, but this was soon addressed by Martin. She said what happened to her daughter could have happened to anybody’s child regardless of the color of their skin. She urged protesters to march peacefully. That said, a conclusive autopsy report in regard to the cause of her death is weeks away.

[Featured Image by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images]