Frank Giaccio Didn’t Have Time To Talk To Trump And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing [Opinion]

The White House lawn was meant to be mowed, but it’s been memed instead. When 11-year-old Frank Giaccio realized his dream and was selected to mow the White House lawn, he didn’t know he would become an Internet sensation.

Giaccio wrote a letter to the White House requesting to mow the lawn — a job Frank does for approximately $8 in his Virginian hometown. He was given approval and on September 15, 2017, mowed the White House’s Rose Garden lawn, as USA Today reported. While video and photos of Frank steadily mowing the lawn did go viral, there was something else that drew social media attention. When President Trump approached Frank to meet with him, Frank couldn’t be bothered. The 11-year-old brushed off the President and continued mowing the lawn. Alas, a new meme was born.

You can watch the video where Frank mowed the lawn and then was approached by President Trump below. Frank continued mowing until he was physically stopped and then spoke to the president. Ultimately, they gave each other high fives.

It’s not surprising this story is meme-worthy. There are many things that are great about Frank visiting the White House and mowing the lawn, yet at the same time, other things have drawn public scrutiny and even humor.

First, it’s a touching story that Frank Giaccio has his own business and is a young entrepreneur. It even makes sense that as a young entrepreneur he’d admire President Trump’s business style and find it an honor to mow the White House lawn. It will probably go down as one of the highlights of young Frank’s life. Not many kids can say they mowed the White House lawn and it will look great on his neighborhood flyers.

On the other hand, there’s the fact that President Trump encouraged a child to mow the lawn for free. This in and of itself is meme-worthy. In a time when Trump is trying to bring back American jobs for Americans first, the image of free child labor, or a young child slaving away on White House grounds is one that the president can do without.

Maybe it would have been better if Trump had approached Frank with a hundred-dollar bill in his hand? At this time, there are no reports stating that Trump gave Frank anything other than the intrinsic reward of knowing he spent a hot September day, working hard mowing the White House lawn.

But who knows, as President Trump does have a history of being generous and keeping it secret. Maybe he gifted Frank and his family with a monetary reward on the condition it’s kept out of the spotlight. Despite the controversy surrounding ex-marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, Trump reportedly sent him a check for $25,000, according to a Fox News report.


For what it’s worth, Frank did get to spend time with Vice President Pence and he and his father were able to visit with President Trump in the oval office.

Hopefully, someone gave Frank a cold drink after all that hard work.


[Featured Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]