Dylan O’Brien ‘Nails It’ In ‘American Assassin’ [Opinion]

American Assassin starring Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton, and Taylor Kitsch could be the beginning of something huge. Missing this origin story would be regrettable. This 2017 spy action thriller could make O’Brien’s new role as Mitch Rapp the new equivalent of James Bond.

Those who miss American Assassin with Dylan O’Brien could soon be compared to the poor saps in 1962 who missed seeing the first James Bond movie, Dr. No. Just as Dr. No led to a franchise that spanned more than 50 years, the American Assassin is just getting warmed up.

American Assassin starring Dylan O’Brien is based on the first of 16 action-packed spy novels by the late Vince Flynn featuring Mitch Rapp. O’Brien is a fine young actor, who shines in his new role which could span decades.

Dylan O’Brien, the American Assassin is just 26-years-old, and already has a strong fan base, but not without good reason. Dylan is young, handsome, smart, and willing to go above and beyond to make his films work for the audience.

O’Brien, formerly of Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner trilogy, is revealing the origin story of Mitch Rapp in American Assassin. That story is going to be important, despite the opinion of more than a few critics, according to Rolling Stone.

“There are film snobs who like to feel superior to meat-and-potatoes action thrillers, favoring only art films meant to be deconstructed over high tea. They can screw off.”

Dylan O’Brien, even though still recovering from a nearly fatal injury on the set of Maze Runner 3, is masterful as Mitch Rapp in American Assassin. Dylan has proven himself as a powerful young actor and action star, not just a pretty face, though Dylan is handsome as well.

Those familiar with O’Brien’s previous work know what to expect, and Dylan delivers in American Assassin, according to Rolling Stone.

“O’Brien doesn’t just play the role; he nails it, investing Rapp with the star shine of a young Tom Cruise and the acting chops of a seasoned pro.”

Dylan O'Brien and Taylor Kitsch
Dylan O'Brien and Taylor Kitsch by Brad Barket Invision AP

American Assassin was chewed up by the critics who perhaps thought it was posh to do so. Rotten Tomatoes gave American Assassin a dismal 37 percent fresh, but 71 percent of their 11,087 users liked it. That’s a pretty typical response to a great action thriller though, especially one that isn’t painfully and self-consciously politically correct. American Assassin makes no such attempts to change the original flavor of the pulp fiction novels.

American Assassin is a new action film franchise and Dylan O’Brien is the young action star on the rise. O’Brien has proven himself in many action films as well as television and is perfect to portray this 23-year-old star character.

In American Assassin, Dylan O’Brien as Mitch Rapp goes through loss and trauma after a terrorist attack. Mitch decides to fight back. He gets strong. He gets tough. Then he gets recruited by the CIA. American Assassin shows the intense training Agent Mitch Rapp goes through before taking on the terrorists.

Dylan O'Brien star of Teen Wolf Maze Runner and American Assassin appeared at Comic Con
Dylan O'BrienDylan O'Brien star of Teen Wolf Maze Runner and American Assassin appeared at Comic Con by Al Powers Invision AP


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American Assassin with Dylan O’Brien is now playing in theaters.

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