That Justin Bieber ‘Reaction’ Story About Selena Gomez’s Kidney Transplant Is Made Up [Opinion]

When will the media outlets and blogs stop linking Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in stories unnecessarily?

The latest absurd example? Following Selena’s announcement on Instagram that she had a needed kidney transplant in the summer due to her lupus condition, TMZ went on to report that Justin was not told about the surgery beforehand.

Did anyone need to know this? There’s no logical reason why Bieber would — or should — know anything about his ex’s life, given that he and Gomez reportedly do not speak and they have both since moved on from their relationship, which ended way back in 2014.

Nevertheless, TMZ rolled out a report just a few hours after Gomez’s announcement explaining that the exes haven’t been in contact for a long time and that the Biebs did not reach out to his ex before her surgery for the very simple reason that he did not know about it.

According to the site, even though Selena and Justin both go to the Hillsong Church in Los Angeles, the church helps with scheduling so they stay out of each other’s way.

“They don’t talk. Period,” one source told the site. Again, hence why Justin didn’t know about Selena’s operation.

Another insider said, “It was a childhood thing. They’ve both had other relationships. It’s over.”

As expected, other media outlets repeated TMZ’s Bieber update on Gomez’s kidney transplant news in a slew of entertainment stories, YouTube uploads, and television segments.

Few of these outlets pointed out the obvious. Namely, that a story about someone not knowing the personal business of an ex — is a non-story.

It’s not hard to understand why this non-news about Bieber gained traction. The Biebs’ is a big superstar. So the name Justin Bieber is frequently used by many media outlets as clickbait to attract traffic.

Justin and Selena, or “Jelena” as they were dubbed back in the day, began dating back in 2010. After an on-again, off-again four-year romance, they split up for good in 2014.

During that time — and it still continues — a significant amount of “fake news” and PR has been reported about Bieber and Gomez.

Fast forward to gossip outlet Hollywood Life’s inevitable “Exclusive!” falsely claiming that the blog has the dish on Justin’s “reaction” to the news of his ex’s kidney transplant.

Hollywood’s Life exploitation of Gomez’s surgery was rightly slammed by Gossip Cop, the reliable and well-respected watchdog outlet that primarily debunks false rumors and fake news.

Hollywood Life’s story, “Why Justin Bieber Had No Idea Selena Gomez Had A Kidney Transplant,” was corrected by Gossip Cop as “made up.”

The disreputable blog was also ripped for “pretending to personally know Bieber’s reaction to the procedure.”

Gossip Cop explains that the notorious blog simply rehashed information from TMZ’s related story then added a made-up “quote” from a supposed “source.”

It’s noted that Hollywood Life “just regurgitated assertions that were published hours earlier by TMZ.

Gossip Cop reports that the blog’s claim that a “source close to the Biebs” spoke to the site simply isn’t true.

In its false story, Hollywood Life claimed a “source” said that the Biebs is “happy” that Gomez is “okay,” but wouldn’t be contacting her.

However, these quotes from a so-called “source” are categorically fake.

As Gossip Cop and the Inquisitr have stated repeatedly, no one in Gomez or Bieber’s inner circle talks to Hollywood Life.

Just last year, Bieber shared a Instagram post calling Hollywood Life “untruthful and “hurtful.” At the time, the singer also asked fans to tweet “#HollywoodLifeIsGarbage,” and publicly declared he wanted the blog to be shut down.

Clearly, no actual “source close to the Biebs” would be talking to a site the Canadian star thinks is “hurtful” and “garbage.”

Gossip Cop also reveals Hollywood Life falsely claimed it had “exclusive” insights about Gomez’s boyfriend, The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) in another story.

The watchdog site confirms no one close to either Selena or The Weeknd is confiding in Hollywood Life, which reportedly has a long history of fabricating stories for clicks.

As Gomez herself previously said, Hollywood Life is “the worst.”

In conclusion: Bieber, Gomez, and fans interested in them as individuals deserve better than unethical media outlets exploiting their long-dead romance in contrived narratives and fabricated stories.

Both stars are not part of each other’s lives anymore and have moved on from their teenage relationship. It’s high time everyone else does too.

[Featured Image By Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images]