‘Criminal Minds’ A Disappointment? New Poll Showing #NoHotchNoWatch Could Be Right [Opinion]

Criminal Minds is currently being voted the biggest disappointment on television, at least when voters were asked to choose between 11 television shows. Nearly 2,500 people have voted so far, and the poll is still open.

#NoHotchNoWatch has been expressing their disappointment with Criminal Minds for over a year. #NoHotchNoWatch is a group protesting the dismissal of Thomas Gibson. A new User Submitted Poll or USP on Spoiler TV seems to indicate #NoHotchNoWatch may not be the only ones disappointed with Criminal Minds. USP asked a pretty simple question.

“Which TV shows became the most disappointing to you?”

The choices were:

Criminal Minds
Once Upon A Time
The Big Bang Theory
Agents of SHIELD
The 100
The Simpsons
Code Black

The dubious winner by a decent margin was Criminal Minds with 26 percent of the votes. Perhaps #NoHotchNoWatch has a point?

Criminal Minds is leading the vote with 629 votes. The other leaders included Once Upon A Time which came in second, with 521 votes, The Big Bang Theory with 196 votes, Agents of SHIELD with 189 votes, and Empire with 156 votes came in third, fourth, and fifth.

It seems Criminal Minds and Once Upon A Time are far more disappointing than NCIS, Elementary, The 100, Scorpion, The Simpsons, and Code Black who received only 97 votes. NCIS received 150 votes, The 100 got 133, Scorpion 129, and the Simpsons 109, at the time of this article, but it isn’t too late to vote.

Notice, it doesn’t say Criminal Minds is the worst show. No, Criminal Minds is disappointing because it was a great show, gone wrong. That’s what disappointment is. One had to once believe Criminal Minds was good in the past, in order to be disappointed with it now, and that is the case with #NoHotchNoWatch.

Criminal Minds viewers were loyal for 11 seasons. Criminal Minds ratings remained steady for a remarkable 11 years. But when Thomas Gibson was fired at the beginning of season 12, many fans decided they’d had enough. Criminal Minds ratings plummeted after 11 amazing years, as noted by Movie Pilot.

“On February 8th, #CriminalMinds hit an all-time series low in ratings, bringing in only 6.7 million viewers, down from an average of 13 million per episode over the past 11 seasons.”

#NoHotchNoWatch sprang up saying that Thomas Gibson was fired unjustly from Criminal Minds. Other viewers just couldn’t adjust to Gibson’s absence. It was difficult to see Shemar Moore leave, but that was his choice. Gibson was fired.

Thomas Gibson, loyal and dedicated to the end according to #NoHotchNoWatch, was fired after never missing a single episode in 11 seasons of Criminal Minds. Further, Thomas Gibson had a long and distinguished career, and the situation has damaged his impeccable reputation.

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds

Thomas Gibson supporter Manow Lecky had this to say about Criminal Minds in a comment on Movie Pilot.

“Yes! It’s sad and utterly frustrating as this is a show I would make sure to tune in no matter what. Losing Hotch was one thing but how they smeared Thomas Gibson, the actor is disgusting.”

#NoHotchNoWatch leader Phoenix Rising commented on Movie Pilot about the way certain Criminal Minds cast and producers have treated fans over the firing of Thomas Gibson.

“Yes, I am boycotting CM, and not just because I am a fan of Thomas Gibson but, because of the horrible way that CBS/ABC and some of the cast, a producer and even the writer involved with the altercation have not only treated the ‘fans’ of the show who are upset with losing Hotch, but also for the way they tried to smear Thomas Gibson’s name & reputation.”

Criminal Minds had already lost veteran actor Shemar Moore, whose golden parachute, landed on a promising new show called S.W.A.T. Coupled with the loss of Thomas Gibson it was too much, and a huge miscalculation of fan loyalties on the part of CBS and ABC.

Shemar Moore of S.W.A.T

Former Criminal Minds fans are not just disappointed, they are grieving. They didn’t just turn against their favorite show flippantly. #NoHotchNoWatch became galvanized against what they perceive as abusive behavior from certain members of “the cast, a producer, and even the writer involved,” following the loss of Thomas Gibson from Criminal Minds.


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