Eric Bolling: Why The Left Needs To Stop Making Insults About His Son [Opinion]

Whether or not you care for former Fox News host Eric Bolling, losing a child is one of the most horrific things that can happen to a parent. If you haven’t already read about it, Eric Bolling’s son was found dead hours after his dad parted ways with Fox News over sexual harassment allegations.

“Former Fox News host Eric Bolling’s 19-year-old son died Friday night hours after the network axed his father amid sexual harassment allegations. Eric Chase Bolling was found dead in Boulder, Col., where he was studying economics at the University of Colorado Boulder, according to reports published Saturday,” reports the New York Daily News.

Although the cause of death is still under investigation, TMZ reports that Bolling Jr. died of a drug overdose. Many of the commenters underneath the article aren’t sympathetic.

“Price paid for working for that evil corporation,” says Meteorite Sizzurp.

“The daddy is a pervert, and the son was crazy,” claims Gia Sharry.

Those were some of the nicer comments.

Then, many on the left went to Twitter to rub salt in the already huge wound surrounding Eric Bolling and his family.

Yes, there are always going to be trolls on social media. And it’s possible that some of the comments were made by Trump supporters trying to make liberals look very bad. It’s also true that according to many reports, Eric Bolling’s behavior, in which he had allegedly sent pictures of his genitals to several employees, is irresponsible. And the fact that Bolling parted ways with Fox News after an investigation may even give truth to those allegations.

Fox News host Eric Bolling

Many on the left have valid reasons to be upset at Trump’s election. However, some are so upset that their behavior has been just as bad as many on the extreme right. Their witch hunts against anybody who doesn’t agree with them are turning off rational liberals. And no matter how bad Trump is, the behavior of the ultra-left will help Republicans win elections in 2018.

Rational-thinking liberals need to denounce fellow liberals who are spreading insults about Eric Bolling and his son on the internet. Liberals are supposed to be tolerant, open-minded, and loving. Wouldn’t it be nice to send some of that passion to Eric Bolling for his loss? Doing so doesn’t mean one supports Bolling’s political beliefs, but it would send a positive message during these divisive times.

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Luckily, many on the progressive site Jezebel are seeing the light. They are not only denouncing commenters who are making disturbing comments about Bolling and his son, but are showing compassion for Bowling’s situation.

“Yes, let’s not feed the trolls or speculate on cause of death. A child died,” comments Sister_Carrie.

“I am no fan of Fox News, but this is still a terrible thing for a parent to go through. We have to remember as liberals and centrists, that no matter how dirty politics can get, kids are always off limits,” says Superbad Zombie.

Journalist Yashar Ali, who first reported allegations against Eric Bolling, even took time to so show sympathy.

There are many who say that Ali has blood on his hands for starting the whole mess about Bolling, but there is no proof yet that Ali has misreported Bolling’s bad deeds, even though he has been sued by Bolling.

If there is one thing that can come out of this tragedy, it’s that both the left and the right may come together and denounce extremist rhetoric. Until then, let’s say prayers for Eric Bolling and his family for having to endure such a horrific tragedy.

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