‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Rumors: Is Leaked Cast List Good Enough To Attract Viewers To Winter ‘CBB’? [Opinion]

Celebrity Big Brother rumors already reveal a proposed cast list for the show. There are a number of stories already posted online and on social media purporting to be “confirmation” of the Celebrity Big Brother cast list. “Confirmation” is a tricky word, though, since nobody associated with the show or the network has confirmed anything. Does that mean these are fake cast lists for CBB?

A report by CBS and an announcement by host Julie Chen let fans know that the Celebrity Big Brother season premiere will take place this winter. Several interviews have been given by Julie Chen, producers, and the casting director, but in none of those conversations has there been a single confirmed cast member. They haven’t even revealed when the first episode will air on CBS in 2018.

Then, this weekend, several unsubstantiated reports popped up on the internet, claiming that they had confirmed the first six Celebrity Big Brother cast members. Those rumors stated that Bradtheladlong (YouTube personality), Dog the Bounty Hunter, Drita D’avanzo (Mob Wives), Lance Bass (from NSYNC), Natalie Nunn (Bad Girls Club), and Tiffany Pollard (Flavor of Love) would be taking part in the reality competition show. The “announcement” has been met with mixed reactions on social media, with many of them quite negative.

So would CBS viewers really tune in to watch a Celebrity Big Brother cast with Dog the Bounty Hunter and Lance Bass highlighting the season? With all due respect to both gentlemen, who have been very popular in their respective lines of work, it’s hard to imagine that the average Big Brother fan would show a lot of interest in watching them get locked in a house for several months. It would be a stretch to assume that most fans would even recognize the names of the other four “confirmed” cast members, getting the show off to a terrible start.

Many more Celebrity Big Brother rumors are sure to come out over the next few weeks, even as CBS is still working through the final five Big Brother 19 episodes. It may also include a rebuttal from the people in charge over at CBS about the rumored cast list. There is a very probable assumption that the Celebrity Big Brother will end up with a cast list similar to what Dancing With the Stars runs with each season, where there are recognizable faces, but not necessarily “A-list” stars from around the industry.

One thing that fans of the show are asking to continue seeing is the CBS live feeds this winter. Getting to watch behind-the-scenes as the celebrity cast interacts would certainly provide a nice wrinkle to the program and bring in a lot of additional revenue for the network. Whether or not those feeds will be up and running has not yet been addressed. For now, fans are left with Celebrity Big Brother rumors that may or may not be true, but none of which have proven to be very exciting.

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