Best Horror Movies 2017: Review Of ‘Cold Moon’ — Frightening And Breathtaking [Opinion]

Coming to theaters and VOD on October 6, from Uncork’d Entertainment, is one of the eeriest horror movies of 2017, Cold Moon. Horror movies featuring ghosts seeking vengeance have been done before, but this film provides several unique ingredients to make it stand out from the others. The artistic cinematography of the movie creates an essence that’s gloomy, ghostly, and breathtaking. The story is filled with as much tragic drama, often capturing the raw emotion of pain, as it is chilling imagery.

Based on the 1980 novel, Cold Moon Over Babylon, by Michael McDowell (Beetlejuice, A Nightmare Before Christmas), the film is co-written and directed by Griff Furst (Starve). Furst is perhaps best known as an actor, appearing in popular movies like The Magnificent Seven, Focus, and Terminator Genisys, but this film showcases his talent as a director.

In addition to a compelling story and the creative direction, the picture features an impressive cast: Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future, I Am Not a Serial Killer), Josh Stewart (The Collector, The Dark Knight Rises), Frank Whaley (Luke Cage, Pulp Fiction), Candy Clark (Zodiac, American Graffiti), and actor, dancer, and athlete Rachele Brooke Smith (The Nice Guys, Glee).

The story takes place in 1989, in the small Florida town of Babylon. Margaret, a young teenager, is murdered by a masked killer. Her body is discovered in a creek, and her grandmother, Evelyn (Clark), and brother, Jerry (Chester Rushing), are shaken to their core. Sheriff Ted Hale (Whaley) has little to go on, but Evelyn has her suspicions. It’s not long before the killer’s identity is revealed, and the audience watches his story unfold as he confronts the ghosts from his past (literally and figuratively).

best horror movies 2017 include Cold Moon
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The drama of the film is as heavy as the horror. Providing scenes filled with glaring heartache, Candy Clark epitomizes what it’s like to mourn a life lost to senseless violence. Frank Whaley portrays the sheriff, trying to make sense of the senseless, to a tee. Christopher Lloyd plays Nathan’s father, James Redfield, and per usual, his performance helps bring the story to life. And just like he did with his character in The Collector, Josh Stewart’s subtleties, with how he observes and reacts, reveal Nathan’s internal struggle.

best horror movies 2017 include Cold Moon
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And then there’s the horror.

If the melancholia is a bit much for you, no worries, there is plenty of gore, impressive special effects, jump-scare moments, and nightmarish imagery to remind you that this is a horror flick. It’s hard to create ghostly imagery that is unique to modern horror movies, but Griff Furst does just that. In addition to the originality he brings to the table, the talented director also provides terrifying scenes that are a nod to genre movies from years gone by, like The Thing and In the Mouth of Madness. Both casual and avid horror fans alike should enjoy this film.


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With brilliant direction, captivating performances, and spine-chilling imagery, Cold Moon is one of the most artistic, and compelling, horror movies of 2017.

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