Apple Watch 3 Is Just as Exciting As iPhone 8 [Opinion]

When it was announced that the Apple Watch would have LTE, but no LTE phone call capabilities, many, including this author, were very upset. However, according to TechCrunch, the Watch may actually have full LTE capabilities, including being able to make and receive calls. There’s also more.

“Interestingly, 9to5Mac says that your LTE Apple Watch will share the same phone number as your existing iPhone. This means that you’ll be able to take calls on either device, and that plans may be less expensive than traditional data-only devices like an iPad.”

Current smartphone plans with the Samsung’s Galaxy S3 smartwatch only cost users an average of $10 a month. In some T-Mobile plans, the cost is only $5 extra. Owning an LTE Apple Watch certainly won’t take too much out of your wallet.

The LTE Apple Watch will certainly be groundbreaking, and though the iPhone 8 is the star of Apple’s event this Tuesday, the Apple Watch 3 is just as important in terms of mobile productivity.

LTE capabilities on new Apple Watch

The Apple Watch 3 will certainly help those who work or attend places where smartphones usually aren’t allowed. One example is all the Hollywood studios. If you go into a set, especially for a game show, you will will have to leave your smartphones with security. There is a good reason for this; who wants an argument between a host and producer to air on TMZ? Who wants a scene on their show revealed two month before it airs?

Many actors and other employees complain because they need to respond to auditions or job offers as soon as possible, and they may lose out if they are away from their smartphones for a couple hours. While being away from your smartphone for a couple hours can be a freeing experience (try it sometime; you’ll appreciate life more), it could mean losing out on a lot of money for others. An LTE smartwatch would certainly help with this situation — that is, until they ban these as well.

Smartphone separation Apple Watch

Furthermore, an LTE smartwatch would allow one to leave their phones at home while going out for a jog or a long walk. Carrying a phone with you when you are at the gym, on the track, or hiking in the mountains puts your smartphone at risk for breaking or getting stolen. It also provides a distraction. The LTE Apple Watch would be a distraction too, but only a small one. If one really needs to answer a text message, they can do so with their voice since Siri has a 99 percent accuracy rate when translating spoken words on the Apple Watch.

When Apple first introduced the Apple Watch in 2015, many thought the Cupertino-based company would usher in an era of smartwatches. So far, that hasn’t happened. Despite all their efforts, Apple and other smartwatch companies have failed to convince consumers to buy smartwatches. Perhaps the 2017 LTE version of the Apple Watch will change all of that.

[Featured Image by George Frey/Getty Images]