President Trump Upset That The Emir of Kuwait Has a Longer Plane than His [Opinion]

Evan VucciAP Images

President Trump has a lot of character traits which define him. His propensity for touting his deal making skills, his willingness to say what’s on his mind regardless of the consequences, and, of course, his unique hairstyle. But one thing that has come to define him over the course of the years is his obsession with size, and having the biggest of everything is very important to the man.

Examples of this need to prove he has the biggest and best range from the hilariously crass, like the exchange with Senator Marco Rubio about, ahem, hand size in the debates to his denial over his crowd sizes following the inauguration. Following the September 11 attacks in 2001, he infamously bragged that his building was now the tallest in Manhattan, and he has even tweeted excitedly at the sizes of the hurricanes currently battering the Atlantic seaboard.

The statement apparently came during a meeting with congressional leaders following the president siding with Democrats on the debt ceiling deadline. He was said to be in a good mood and joking around when the comments were made. One group who wasn’t in a jovial mood, however, were congressional Republicans, who felt that Trump had sold them out. In fact, Senators Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan had spent much of the week pushing for a later deadline, likely to avoid the political fallout this fall.

Trump has clashed with the GOP since taking office, however. Many leaders had hopped onto his bandwagon, hoping to ride the Trump Train. But his notorious inability to follow procedure and to circumvent normal policy-making channels has left a bad taste in both conservative and liberal circles. His campaign largely rested on his claims of being a deal-maker, but so far, he has accomplished little outside of what he can do unilaterally using executive orders.

While his presidential influence continues to diminish, his preoccupation with having the biggest planes, buildings, and hands may increase. After all, bigger is better in his world. But for many, this obsession is nothing more than a subject of mockery and overcompensation for his shortcomings.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]