Little Girl Flips Off Infowars Reporter Who Called Her ‘Young Man’ – ‘You’re A F*****g Idiot’ [Opinion]

A little girl has become something of a hero this week after she was caught on video telling an Infowars reporter exactly what she thought and in no uncertain terms.

As Salon reports, reporter J. Owen Shroyer was at a pro-immigration rally in Austin, Texas, last week, trying to get responses from the crowd. As you may already know, Infowars can most charitably be described as “unfriendly” to left-y causes such as immigration, and it appears Shroyer was there specifically to pick a fight. Salon writer Gabriel Bell says that Shroyer was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and a shirt that said “Enjoy Nationalism,” and generally antagonizing the attendees, trying to get responses to loaded questions.

To one attendee he asked, “Am I fake news?”

To another, he said, “Hey, you know you’re an embarrassment?”

Shroyer then turned his attention to a young lass of about 12 or 13, since identified as Olivia Williams of Austin. Almost immediately, he got the conversation off on the wrong foot, addressing Olivia, described by Bell as a “towheaded scamp,” as “young man.”

Olivia was visibly taken aback at being called a “young man,” took a second to gather her thoughts, and then told Shroyer exactly what was on her mind.

“Um, you’re a f*****g idiot.”

He then tries to continue the conversation, questioning the young lady’s parents’ parenting methods, before she shows him her middle finger and walks off.

You can watch a censored version of the exchange in the video below.

Since the video went viral, both Shroyer and Olivia have both responded to their fame, in their own way.

Shroyer, for his part, has tried to claim that he addressed the young lady as “ma’am,” not “man,” according to HuffPost. Although that’s hardly a convincing lie. Be better, J. Owen.

“I said ‘mam’ [sic] and she walked up to me.”

He then took to Twitter to try to defend himself, saying the young lady attacked him.


Olivia, meanwhile, changed her own Twitter handle to “INFOWARS Kid,” although it appears that that account has since been taken down.

Of course, it would be willfully ignorant to report this story without raising the issue of Olivia’s behavior. Simply put, does Olivia’s use of language and verbal gestures speak to a failure in parenting on the part of her caregivers?

A little girl named olivia told off an infowars reproter
Was Olivia's behavior towards an Inforwars reporter a sign of bad parenting? [Image by

Since the Inquisitr is not a parenting blog, that’s a question perhaps best left to the readers to hash out in the comments.

Do you believe Olivia Williams was right to use bad language toward an Infowars reporter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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