‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017 Predictions: Semifinals Week 1 – Who Goes Home? [Opinion]

The acts on America’s Got Talent 2017 were fighting for a spot in the AGT finale, as we saw 11 acts take the stage last night. Of those 11 acts, only five of them will get a spot in the finals, which means six of them go home tonight. So, who goes home tonight on America’s Got Talent Season 12? Find out my thoughts below in my America’s Got Talent 2017 predictions.

It was the first week of semifinals on AGT Season 12, and this was a week definitely dominated by the singers, as pretty much seven of the 11 acts were singers (of some kind). I mean, Darci Lynne is technically a ventriloquist, but most of her act is her singing, right? So, I am counting her as a singer also.

Besides the singers, we did have some other acts worked into the mix. One of those acts happened to be comedian Preacher Lawson, who talked about being single and having kids. He also mentioned Tyra Banks and her big forehead, so the gauntlet was thrown. However, she knew it was a joke and was messing with him also, as she called for the “forehead crew” to have her back on Twitter.


With that being said, we have some AGT results to get to tonight. The Dunkin’ Save will be back again, so the fourth, fifth, and sixth place vote-getters will be fighting for that save tonight from America. The winner moves on to the finals, and then the judges get to save one of the other two acts. They will join the top three vote-getters, who will automatically get a spot in the AGT finale.

This is going to be a tough one tonight, as some of my favorites had a rough night. Then some of my non-favorites seemed to have a good night. Based on that, I think these will be the five acts moving on to the finals.

  • Darci Lynne
  • Chase Goehring
  • Preacher Lawson
  • Eric Jones
  • Johnny Manuel

From that list, I am truly unsure about any of them past the first two acts listed. We had some crazy results last week, so it could continue this week. With those five acts moving on, we would say goodbye to these six acts.

  • Yoli Mayor
  • Mike Yung
  • Sara & Hero
  • Evie Claire
  • Billy & Emily England
  • DaNell Daymon & Greater Works

Who do you think goes home tonight on America’s Got Talent 2017?

[Featured Image by NBC]