Taylor Swift Is Definitely An LGBT Icon [Opinion]

Taylor Swift loved by LGBT community

The thought of Taylor Swift being declared a gay icon may draw some gags, especially from those who believe Swift is a die-hard Donald Trump supporter, a racist, a white supremacist, etc. When Vice declared Swift was the new “Queen of Pop” among gay men, Attitude wasn’t too happy.

“We have a new queen of pop and it’s Taylor Swift, supposedly. Vice Magazine has sent gay twitter into meltdown after it tweeted that the former country icon has become to new bastion of everything pop, effectively pushing the likes of Madonna and Britney to the side.”

Of course, this sent many people, gay or not, into a rage. But there is no reason to get angry. There are many things that make Taylor Swift a huge LGBT icon.

Biggest Pop Star of Her Generation

The LGBT community makes pop stars, especially female ones. It may be stereotypical, but it’s true. Madonna was the biggest female pop star of the 1980s and 1990s, and Britney Spears held the position in the 2000s. Taylor Swift, especially with the release of her album 1989, is the biggest female pop star of this decade. On LGBT-oriented sites such as Data Lounge, Oh No They Didn’t, and many others, Taylor Swift is always a main topic, even in between album releases.

Taylor Swift inspires her fans

An Inspiration

Taylor Swift has inspired many gay men. An article on HuffPost recently quoted Tyler Conroy, a popular LGBT country pop superstar.

“Taylor is someone who’s lived a positive lifestyle and wants to tell other people, ‘You can live a great life if you just learn to be yourself and not let yourself be defined by the things that other people who don’t matter say,” the 24-year-old claimed, adding that one of his favorite things about Taylor is that she teaches those who feel different that they are actually lucky to be different.

A Fighter

The LGBT community has fought very hard for their rights over the past few decades. Before the 1990s, there was really no such thing as “gay rights.” Taylor Swift’s fight for her career is inspirational to the LGBT community. Like the LGBT community, Taylor’s critics have tried to bury her with false or ridiculous accusations. She has become a champion of the underdogs. Of course, putting Taylor Swift’s struggle on the same level as the struggle of the LGBT community would be blasphemous. However, it’s not blasphemous to say that Taylor Swift’s survival of brutal criticism inspires many in the LGBT community.

Taylor Swift fights with Kanye West

A Real Talent

Gay men love their female pop stars. But they also love real talent. Taylor Swift hits the “talent” mark in terms of songwriting, singing, and even playing several instruments. If one doubts that Swift’s talents, all they have to do is watch this video of her Grammy performance from 2014.

Manipulative, Shady and Narcissistic

Taylor Swift is not nice. She is manipulative (she allegedly lied about her rise to stardom), passive-aggressive (see all her shade towards Katy Perry), and narcissistic (even she makes fun of this in her latest video). These are all qualities that are seen as positive qualities from men but make women appear as witches. The LGBT community recognizes the hypocrisy and has often elevated perceived villains (see Joan Crawford, Madonna, Cher, Sharon Stone) to icon status. And now, Taylor Swift has been added to the list.

You are Free to Disagree

There are likely a lot of you who are pulling their hair, sticking their fingers in their mouths, or downright screaming after reading this article so far. That’s okay; Taylor Swift is a polarizing figure. If you don’t agree, you are welcome to (calmly) tell us why in the comments section.

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