World War 3 Predictions: Trump’s Bellicose Rhetoric Leads The World Towards Nuclear Annihilation [Opinion]

Dealing with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is not going to be easy. The North Korean despot shows no signs of backing down, and last weekend he sent the strongest possible message to U.S. President Donald Trump. By testing a hydrogen bomb, in the wake of numerous tests of intercontinental missiles, North Korea showed that it has no intention of blinking first. Instead, as reported by the Daily Express, North Korea has warned Donald Trump the U.S. mainland is within their “annihilating and merciless nuclear fist.”

Instead of finding a way to defuse the situation on the Korean peninsula, Donald Trump continues to wage World War 3 140 characters at a time. Over the past few days, Trump has used Twitter to claim that the time for talking has passed. Trump has accused South Korea, a key ally in the region, of appeasement and threatened sanctions against any country trading with North Korea.

Of course, that threat seems to be aimed at China, North Korea’s main trading partner, and the hermit nation’s only real ally. Most commentators believe that China holds the only key to resolving the Korean missile crisis and averting World War 3. Instead of using diplomatic means to encourage China to resolve the situation, Trump used Twitter to claim that North Korea is “an embarrassment” to China and to claim that North Korea is “very hostile and dangerous to the United States.”

North Korea US Nuclear war
[Image by KRT TV/AP Images]

On Sunday, the White House released a transcript of a conversation between President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. As reported by Live Trading News, that press release affirmed that Trump is willing to use the U.S. nuclear arsenal against North Korea should war break out.

“President Trump reaffirmed the commitment of the United States to defending our homeland, territories, and allies using the full range of diplomatic, conventional, and nuclear capabilities at our disposal.”

The Daily Star reports that Trump’s latest threats have failed to bring North Korea to heel. Instead, Kim Jong-un has secretly moved an ICBM to North Korea’s west coast, close to where last weekend’s nuclear test was carried out. This may indicate that the North Koreans believe they can now deliver a nuclear strike against the U.S. mainland in the event of World War 3 beginning.

Writing in the Washington Post, North Korean expert Laura Rosenberger points out that Trump’s stance on North Korea, and in particular his use of “Twitter diplomacy,” actually makes the situation much worse and World War 3 more likely. Rosenberger claims that the Trump administration has no clear strategy for dealing with Kim Jong-un and North Korea. That lack of strategy, coupled with threats and shows of military, might serve only to make the resolution of the North Korean crisis more difficult and World War 3 more likely.

North Korea US Nuclear war
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Last week, the U.S. and South Korea carried out military exercises near the North Korean border. The purpose of those exercises was to show North Korea the sort of military muscle they will face should World War 3 break out. Far from being intimidated, North Korea’s response was to test a hydrogen bomb.

Kim Jong-un sees the U.S. as a threat to its nationhood and Trump’s threats to North Korea exacerbates those fears, making World War 3 a very real possibility.

[Featured Image by South Korea Defense Ministry/AP Images]